Bitcoin Is Taking On New York Once Again

May 11, 2016

In April, Mediabistro will host their second New York City Inside Bitcoins conference. It is scheduled for April 7-8, at the Javits Convention Center.

Inside Bitcoins will have many industry experts on-hand at the Bitcoin Basics Booth in the exhibit hall to be your personal instructors into the world of Bitcoins and everything related to them. Open to every conference attendee, the experts will help answer all your questions about global virtual currency, from getting your first wallet, to making payments and all types of transfer.

Last year, Inside Bitcoin Conference was held in Berlin on February 12-13. The conference drew in only several hundred attendees, whereas this year the number expected is over 4.000. In addition to over 50 distinguished speakers, the visitors will have a unique opportunity to experience Satoshi Square in a Bitcoin Trading Café. Satoshi Square events are taking place worldwide, and in addition to it, Bitcoin Trading Café, a comfortable place for guests to relax and talk about current issues will be introduced on the trade floor show.

Probably the most important events include a presentation by Jeremy Allaire of Circle and Nicolas Cary of website.

Other keynote speakers include Marc Hochstein, executive eirector of American Banker; Gil Luria, managing director of Wedbush Securities, is joining the opening keynote on April 8, and Barry Silbert, founder & CEO of SecondMarket and creator of the Bitcoin Investment Trust.

Bitcoin’s growth made NYSDFS superintendent Benjamin Lawsky interested in the use of Bitcoin, as well as the New York State Department’s announcement of consideration of permitting regulated Bitcoin and other virtual currencies use in New York. Those will be some of the most important topics for discussions.

“Inside Bitcoins has become the largest trade show for virtual currency worldwide and the New York City event in April should be the single largest Bitcoin conference that has taken place anywhere” stated Alan M. Meckler, CEO and Chairman of Mediabistro. Furthermore, more than 40 organizations are expected to attend the event.

You will have the unique opportunity to meet and hear various industry experts, virtual currency veterans and business visionaries. They all come together to analyze the first decentralized, digital, peer-to-peer global currency. Some of the questions to be discussed include:

–          Can Bitcoin take a significant place for itself with today’s mainstream payment technologies?

–          What are the technical and regulatory disadvantages Bitcoin has to overcome?

–          Will large-scale Bitcoin mining help to set the higher price of Bitcoins?

Also, the possible death of Bitcoin is going to be argued. Last year, Aaron Koenig, one of the founders of the Alliance said in Berlin, “The death of Bitcoin has been announced so many times, but Bitcoin is very strong, a very resilient piece of technology that can not so easily be taken down. It will only make Bitcoin stronger.”

Conference’s executives add that everyone with an interest in Bitcoin development and its possibilities should come. Whether you are a developer, entrepreneur, financial professional, private equity or corporate investor, angels or venture capital investor, consultant, credit and loyalty solution provider, data and payment processor, legal professional, security solution provider, founder or just a modern-thing lover, you should come and take your seat. This one is going to be big!

Mediabistro Inc. is an Internet media company that provides services for traditional media, social media and creative professionals, innovators in the 3D printing domain and mobile applications industries. They will soon announce definite dates for additional events taking place in 2014 in Hong Kong, Las Vegas and London.


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