Blockchain Reportedly Restored Its Services

July 27, 2016

After recent failure of Blockchain servers, due to an error in its databases, all services have been restored. At least according to a post on the official Blockchain blog.

The statement reads, “You will now be able to access the services exactly as you did before the outage.

Just log in using your browser or mobile application and enter your password and second-factor authentication, if enabled. Your wallet has not been affected by the outage and everything should be exactly as you left it.”

Surprisingly, the Blockchain team was communicating all the time with their users, keeping them updated on the slightest changes or issues. The team admitted doing the best they can and taking “every precaution necessary” to make sure this type of issue does not happen again. Great job guys.

They stated, “We will do everything we can to regain your trust and make sure this doesn’t happen again… We will spend the next several days analyzing what happened and will provide more detail in a future report.”

In one of the previous releases related to the issue, the team stated, “Blockchain is experiencing a technical issue that has forced us to temporarily interrupt services. The outage was caused by a bug in some database handling code. We are working hard to fix the issue and restore service as soon as possible, but anticipate the outage may last more than an hour, as it requires restarting database servers with very large data sets.”


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