Ark (ARK)

Ark is a decentralized platform founded on an upgraded version of Delegated Proof-of-Stake system. Its goal is to create an interconnected blockchain ecosystem by employing SmartBridges that enable communication with other popular blockchains. Among its major advantages are super-fast transactions with block time of 8 seconds. In an effort to attract more users, Ark has decided to introduce a variety of great tools, including but not limited to a card network, anonymous transactions, game tokens, and multisignature accounts. Ark is currently available on several popular exchanges, including Bittrex, Cryptopia, LiteBit, COSS, and CoinSpot. It is a promising coin and definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Francois-Xavier Thoorens
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
November 12, 2016
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

Ark Exchange Rates

Ark Resources

There are many reasons why Ark is a unique project that is worth your attention. The value of the coin may fluctuate, but it is certain that Ark holds great promise. We have decided to make it easier for you to keep up with the trends regarding Ark and get all the information you may need by bringing you a collection of additional Ark resources, all of which are available below.

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