Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, designed to revolutionize digital advertising. BAT utility tokens are used for obtaining advertising and attention-based services and conducting transactions on an innovative blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform known as the Brave platform. User attention is captured anonymously via the privacy-centric Brave browser and the publishers receive rewards in BAT in accordance with the attention generated. Users also receive BAT rewards for viewing malware-free, well-targeted ads and they can exchange BAT tokens for premium content or use them for obtaining the services available on the platform.

Brendan Eich
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
May 31, 2017
Maximum Supply
Proof Type
Zero Knowledge Proof

Basic Attention Token Exchange Rates

Basic Attention Token Resources

Our additional Basic Attention Token resources offer you the unique opportunity to easily keep track of everything related to this cryptocurrency. Explore the official Basic Attention Token blog, discover the latest news, read the opinions of community members on Reddit and BitcoinTalk, join the BAT chat, and more with the resources available below.

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