Factom (FCT)

Factom is a blockchain system designed primarily for business and government use. It is an open source project designed to protect data and systems. It provides an unalterable record-keeping system and secures millions of real-time records with a single hash by creating a data layer on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

In order to hash data into Factom, you need Factoids, the native Factom currency. The idea behind Factom is exciting and innovative and promises to mend the issues with the Bitcoin blockchain, bringing the benefits of lower costs and greater capacity for transaction volume.

Paul Snow and Peter Kirby
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
September 1, 2015
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

Factom Exchange Rates

Factom Resources

Whether you want to learn more about Factom or you are looking for an easier way to keep track of everything that is going on with this blockchain system and its currency, we have a great collection of additional Factom resources for you to browse. We have handpicked the sources that are worth your attention and made them all available below, so you can start growing your knowledge on Factom right away.

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