GameCredits (GAME)

The creation of GameCredits was inspired by the idea of revolutionizing in-game monetization. Believing that the gaming industry needs digital currencies, the developers of Game Credits created a universal currency and virtual wallet to be used by more than 2 billion gamers around the world. The aim is to allow players to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies, including increased anonymity, safety, and speed of transactions. GameCredits also minimize the chance of fraud, lower commission fees, and increase deposit limits, consequently boosting revenue potential for developers. Another advantage of GameCredits is easy obtainability, with a stable mining pool. Block reward is 12.5 coins. GameCredits tokens are currently traded on more than 10 popular exchanges.

Sergey Sholom
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
June 1, 2015
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

GameCredits Exchange Rates

GameCredits Resources

Whether you loved the idea behind GameCredits from the start or are just getting acquainted with this currency, you can find plenty of handy information about it in our additional GameCredits resources. The list featured here includes all the trustworthy sources of GameCredits news, updates, and general information, as well as the diverse opinions of the members of the growing GameCredits community.

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