Gnosis (GNO)

Gnosis is a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, designed to enable its users to create prediction markets for all kinds of events and receive rewards for accuracy. Gnosis launched its ICO in April 2017 and managed to sell out the entire supply of Gnosis tokens in only 12 minutes, with supporters investing $12.5 million into the Gnosis platform. The native GNO tokens are primarily used as an incentive for users to engage in long-term participation in the platform. The value of the tokens is based on demand and the maximum supply is 10 million tokens. The primary GNO tokens generate WIZ tokens (short for Wisdom), which are meant to be used as fee credits.

Hash Algorithm
Start Date
April 25, 2017
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

Gnosis Exchange Rates

Gnosis Resources

Keeping track of the status of this cryptocurrency can be much easier with all the information from the most credible sources right at your fingertips. Browse the official Gnosis blog and forum, grow your knowledge on the coin through discussions on Reddit and BitcoinTalk, and much more with our Gnosis resources available below.

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