Golem (GNT)

The Golem network is a decentralized computation network that enables purchasing and selling computation power in a peer-to-peer environment. Golem employs Ethereum smart contracts for executing nano-payments within the network, with Golem network tokens functioning as a medium for transactions.

The Golem network allows anyone to create virtually any program for any purpose with the benefits of low cost and complete decentralization. The Golem project generated significant interest and is one of the highest funded crowdfunding projects to date, reaching its goal in less than 30 minutes.

Julian Zawistowski
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
November 17, 2016
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

Golem Exchange Rates

Golem Resources

With our additional Golem resources, you will never miss out on any crucial updates related to this popular cryptocurrency. Not only that, but you can also learn more about the coin, hear from the Golem folks and other important members of the Golem community, and find out what you can expect from Golem in the near and not so near future.

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