What makes IOTA particularly interesting is that it is the first cryptocurrency without a blockchain. Instead, it employs one-of-a-kind Tangle architecture that enables micro and even nanotransactions. It is decentralized, scalable, and designed to enable the employment of novel b2b models. With IOTA, there are no transaction fees, which is one of the main reasons for its great appeal. While developed primarily with the Internet-Of-Things in mind, its use can be extended to other domains, the most prominent of which is eGovernance,or more specifically, e-voting, an interesting option which is already being explored, as claimed by its creators.

With IOTA, everything with a chip can potentially be used for profit by being leased in real time, including everything from drones and appliances to Wi-Fi bandwidth. If its potential is fully exploited, it may truly change the world as we know it.

David Sønstebø
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
July 17, 2016
Maximum Supply
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As the first cryptocurrency without a blockchain, IOTA is a highly interesting coin and more than worth keeping an eye on. Our additional IOTA resources allow you to learn more about IOTA, stay in touch with the IOTA community through discussions on its official forum, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Slack, and Telegram, and much more. View all of our extra IOTA resources below.

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