MaidSafe (MAID)

MaidSafe is a completely decentralized platform that allows developers to build equally decentralized applications. All users contribute to the network with their own storage, computing power, and bandwidth. In return for lending their resources, users are rewarded with Safecoins. This process is referred to as „farming.“

Safecoins are distributed by algorithms within the network, without human interference. The total number of Safecoins to ever be in distribution is 4.3 billion, but the coins are recycled once exchanged for network services, thus ensuring there is always a sufficient supply of coins.

David Irvine
Hash Algorithm
Proof of Resource (POR)
Start Date
June 12, 2016
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

MaidSafe Exchange Rates

MaidSafe Resources

Whether you are thinking of joining the MaidSafe network or you are an active member with the desire to have all the important information about it in one place, our additional MaidSafe resources are designed for you. Bookmark this page and have all the latest news, updates, and heated discussions on MaidSafe just a click away and ready to browse.

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