NXT is an advanced platform based on the blockchain technology whose native NXT token is referred to as second-generation cryptocurrency. The NXT platform was designed with the goal of improving the functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It supports larger transaction volumes and employs the Proof of Stake protocol, which makes it significantly less susceptible to 51% attacks. NXT users get the full freedom of creating their own applications, as well as custom tokens, colored coins, and assets. The long awaited second version of NXT called Ardor has recently become available, allowing users to enjoy improved features, including asset exchange for secure peer-to-peer trading, data cloud, and voting system.

BCNext (username)
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
November 24, 2013
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

NXT Exchange Rates

NXT Resources

When our readers ask, we listen, which is why we have introduced a specialized additional resource section focusing exclusively on NXT. Here you can find useful links to the top sources of reliable NXT information, ranging from the official NXT blog, forum, and YouTube channel to NXT on Slack, one of the prime sources of NXT updates. Read up on NXT’s origin, look into its current position on the market, and get some valuable predictions on the future of this coin with our additional NXT resources.

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