OmiseGO (OMG)

OmiseGo is open-source, Ethereum-based financial technology that brings its users a decentralized exchange and payments platform. It enables peer-to-peer exchanges and payments in real time in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. The exchange is founded on a public blockchain and characterized by a capacity to handle high transaction volumes with lower costs. One of the essential components of OmiseGO is its White-label Wallet SDK, which offers a range of payment options, with all transactions taking place within the OmiseGO network. OmiseGO is suitable for a variety of financial transactions, including b2b commerce, supply-chain finance, asset management and trading, payroll deposits, and various payments.

Jun Hasegawa, Donnie Harinsut
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
June 23, 2017
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

OmiseGO Exchange Rates

OmiseGO Resources

OmiseGO is an ambitious and intriguing project that has piqued our interest from the moment it was presented to the public. In an effort to make it easier for our readers to stay in the loop and discover more details about this platform and its native currency, we have compiled an extensive collection of additional OmiseGO resources.

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