Pascal Coin (PASC)

Pascal Coin is a new cryptocurrency whose aim is to appeal to a wider audience, not only to experienced users. Unlike most of its competitors, it does not employ blockchains as balance storage but instead implements a safebox system similar to bank accounts.

The focus of Pascal is on making it easy to trade and manage cryptocurrencies, with simple account numbers and operation methods similar to banks, which makes it easy to use and understand. Just like other cryptocurrencies, it is completely anonymous, thus aiming to provide its users with the best of both worlds.

Albert Molina
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
August 11, 2016
Maximum Supply
Not Applicable
Proof Type

Pascal Coin Exchange Rates

Pascal Coin Resources

If you like the concept behind Pascal Coin and believe in its potential, we have a whole lot of information about this coin for you to enjoy. Find out more about the coin itself, get interesting updates via Pascal Coin’s Telegram and Slack channels, join the discussions on BitcoinTalk and Reddit, and much more with our additional Pascal Coin resources.

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