Reddcoin (RDD)

Reddcoin is a unique social currency that aims to make cryptocurrencies easier to understand and use by seamlessly integrating a crypto tipping system within the most popular social platforms. Apart from the simplified exchange of coins, it brings a variety of innovative features to its users. Its Proof Of Stake Velocity algorithm, created as a substitution for Proof Of Work, encourages both ownership and activity by allowing you to get block rewards without investing in hash power. You obtain rewards by minting instead of mining, with minting simply amounting to owning Reddcoins and keeping your wallet online and running. Along with this revolutionary algorithm, Reddcoin brings you Redd-ID, a blockchain-level service that allows you to associate a username with a wealth of data, such as public keys and social platform IDs, as well as ReddWallet, a one-of-a-kind social wallet enriched with plenty of social features and a completely redesigned GUI.

Jonathan Patenaude
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
February 04, 2014
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

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For Reddcoin minters and those intrigued by this social cryptocurrency, we have created an easier way to get the freshest updates about the coin from official, verified, and relevant channels. With our additional Reddcoin resources, all the important Reddcoin information is just clicks away, so you do not have to worry about missing any crucial news that could help you capitalize on your Reddcoin investment. See the full resource list below.

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