Stratis (STRAT)

Stratis is an innovative platform created with the purpose of allowing corporate actors to create private blockchains secured on the main Stratis blockchain. This way, they get to avoid the costs of creating and maintaining their own blockchain network infrastructure.

Users also get to consult with the Stratis team that can aid them in the selection and implementation of features inherent in other blockchains. Creation and maintenance of a blockchain require the use of Stratis, the native currency of the platform. Stratis hit the 1 billion market cap in the second quarter of 2017, quickly climbing up the ladder and positioning itself among the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies.

Chris Trew
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
August 9, 2016
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

Stratis Exchange Rates

Stratis Resources

Stratis has often been described as the next big thing in the crypto world. Still, the market works in its own mysterious ways, so it is smart to keep your eyes and ears open and watch out for any signs of change, may it be good or bad. With our additional Stratis resources, all the information from the most credible sources is easily available to you, allowing you to stay ahead of the game.

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