Vertcoin (VTC)

Although it is similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, Vertcoin is an open source, P2P cryptocurrency that is essentially different from both in that it allows everyone in possession of a computer to become a part of its network. Mining is made easy with Vertcoin’s 1-click miner and the fairness of the mining process is ensured by its ASIC-resistant algorithm. Some of the crucial features of Vertcoin include the employment of SegWit for the purpose of enhancing transaction malleability and increasing block size limit, Lightning Network that offers scalable instant blockchain transactions, and Atomic Cross-Chain, which allows you to seamlessly exchange Vertcoin for Bitcoin or Litecoin in your wallet and vice versa.

Vertcoin was also the first coin to implement stealth address technology designed for ensuring privacy on the public ledger.

James Lovejoy
Hash Algorithm
Start Date
January 08, 2014
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

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Vertcoin Resources

With its promise to make mining as easy as 1-2-click, Vertcoin has attracted many users who are just getting started with cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, its large set of useful features has made it the subject of attention of those who have been in the crypto game for a long time. No matter which category of Vertcoin enthusiasts you belong to, you can expand your knowledge on the coin and get the most important official news and updates in our additional Vertcoin resources.

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