ViaCoin (VIA)

ViaCoin is a Proof of Work coin based on Scrypt. It was first introduced in July 2014. Building on the Bitcoin blockchain but successfully eliminating its structural issues, ViaCoin has the capacity to handle transactions of any size including microtransactions for apps, games, and other smaller items. It takes pride in transaction speeds 25 greater than those of Bitcoin and proof of publication contained in every transaction. ViaCoin’s popularity particularly increased with the arrival of Peter Todd but also after it reached the $1 million cap in only several days of trading, which caused immense interest among traders around the world.

Hash Algorithm
Start Date
July 18, 2014
Maximum Supply
Proof Type

ViaCoin Exchange Rates

ViaCoin Resources

Whether you already know a lot about ViaCoin or are just getting started with your research, our additional ViaCoin resources can help you expand your knowledge and keep a close eye on this somewhat underrated cryptocurrency. Read about ViaCoin on its official blog, see what others are saying about the coin on Reddit and BitcoinTalk, get important updates via Telegram and Slack, and more with the resources featured below.

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