Companies That Work With Litecoin

September 25, 2017

Litecoin (LTC) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, released under the MIT/X11 license. People usually call it “the digital silver” and crypto aficionados view it as Bitcoin’s younger sibling.

LTC trade surpassed 1 billion dollars on July 5th, leaving even Bitcoin in the rearview mirror for a short while. BTC is already a household name while Litecoin gained wider visibility just this past spring. On the other hand, their increase in popularity almost goes hand-in-hand, so having a clear-cut list of companies accepting LTC as a payment method is definitely something you’ll need more and more.

Companies That Work With Litecoin

Here’s our list of companies that accept Litecoin:

  1. Aircraft Photos – sells photos of aircrafts
  2. All Thing Luxury – sells jewelry
  3. – sells all kinds of goods
  4. Bitgraphs – sells crypto posters built from actual blockchain data
  5. Bit Road Market – international marketplace
  6. Bitify – message board for buying/selling new or used items
  7. BTCtrip – hotel and flight booking
  8. CESHEO – provides free education to more than 750 students in Cambodia
  9. Coaex – sells precious metals
  10. Cryptoart – sells Giclee print art with the ability to store digital currency
  11. CryptoBrew – sells coffee
  12. CrytpoMercado – crypto convenience store
  13. Cryptopet – online pet shop
  14. Dogma Portraits – sells pre-made and custom dog portraits
  15. DrApis – sells honey
  16. Giftoff – sells digital gift cards
  17. Keys4Coins – sells CD Keys
  18. LitecoinGames – sells US game keys
  19. Mining Hardware – sells hardware for crypto mining
  20. Sean’s Outpost – provides homeless outreach

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