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Ahoolee is a pioneering search engine dedicated to worldwide online shopping. It utilizes a decentralized platform for data collecting/indexing from open sources followed by confirmation of authenticity, which is based on blockchain technology.

The main mission behind the project is to enable everybody to find products on the Internet, all shops where they can be purchased, compare the prices, and buy them for cryptomoney. Keep reading our Ahoolee review to find out more about this ICO.

Start Date
August 28th, 2017
End Date
September 11th, 2017
ICO First Price
Distributed in ICO
10,000,000 AHT
Accepted Currencies

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The project was envisioned by Sergey Ryabov, the current CEO and chief executive officer. The rest of the team works with more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce and 5 years in big data and machine learning.

The team behind Ahoolee ICO consists of the following members:

  • Dmitry Bereznitsky – CTO
  • Vitaly Magneshev – COO
  • Aleksandr Vasiliev – Data scientist, statistical analyst, mathematician
  • Sergey Morozov – Backend developer
  • Evgeny Prigomitsky – Mobile and backend developer
  • Roman Travnikov – React/Redux front-end developer
  • Sergey Mikheev – System architect and administrator

About The Project

Ahoolee was started in 2017 in Russia. The project aims to solve the problem of finding an item by using the principal model of search engines like Google and Yandex. The main downsides of using search engines to find a particular product include outdated pages, inefficient search algorithms, and the inability to compare prices.

Ahoolee plans to make improvements to online marketplaces (Google.Shopping, Amazon, eBay…) as well. The project will resolve issues with data upload, marketplace requirements, referrals, price discrepancies, and product matching.

The ultimate potential solution offered by Ahoolee is a search engine dedicated solely to e-commerce. The results offered will be categorized by auto data collection from the Internet, free system placement, and constant data reindexing.
The advantages of Ahoolee include:

  • The ability to compare product prices in all the stores with one product card;
  • The full openness of information about stores, prices, and price changes. Unlike commercial companies with their own interests to protect, Ahoolee can store information on all price changes in real time using the Ahoolee blockchain;
  • The e-commerce analysis instrument will be available to everyone and it will cover all online stores in the world;
  • Ahoolee’s cryptocurrency will enable you to purchase any item in all the represented stores;
  • Right now, Ahoolee features over 40 million SKUs in its database.

The basis for Ahoolee tokens (AHT) is the Ahoolee blockchain as one of the Ethereum forks. They can be bought through an internal exchange integrated into your digital wallet using ETH or BTC, but also USD, EUR, and RUR. Using AHT in stores represented on the platform will incur additional discounts.

The Ahoolee search engine platform incorporates three main blocks:

  • Parsing  A decentralized parsing method is used in order to collect data from stores. The main mission is keeping the prices up-to-date and providing users with the most in-depth info about the products, as already stated at the beginning of our Ahoolee review. This all has to be achieved without causing a DDoS attack on the store’s website.
  • Matching  The collected same-product information is consolidated into a single product card after being processed by machine learning algorithms. Note that the Ahoolee system doesn’t rely on product categories, so category trees built by the store make no difference.
  • Search  The search engine presented by Ahoolee is based on Elasticsearch and certain heuristic techniques designed to improve the search results quality. Later on, the Ahoolee platform will rank search results utilizing machine learning methods like neural networks and gradient boosting.

Why Choose Ahoolee

There are three main reasons for using the Ahoolee platform:

  • Price comparison  Using the information located on the product card, you’ll be able to compare prices for selected products across all stores in the world with open information policy.
  • History of price changes  The prices will be kept up-to-date via blockchain technology. Therefore, all price changes ever will be recorded in the blockchain. This will make it possible for you to keep track of all price changes in all online stores for all items. This feature will prove especially useful in investigating deliberate price jumps before major discounts (Black Friday, for example). From the business perspective, this feature will help you analyze the e-commerce market, but also “equip” your store with dynamic pricing. Manufacturers will be able to create a temporal chart of price changes for their product and business analytics companies can do market research based on real data from real stores.
  • Purchase history  The blockchain will also store data on all the purchases made with AHT. As an Ahoolee user, you’ll be able to see all the purchase details, such as date, the name of the store, and the name of the product. This will save you the trouble of having to keep a mass of paper documents and provide information on the validity of your warranty.

ICO Details

The platform for ATH is ETH (ERC20). The total number of tokens is capped at 100 million. 25% is reserved for investors, 10% for the team, and 20% is held by the company.

The ICO will be launched in three steps:

  • Pre-sale (July 2017)  10 million tokens will be sold during the pre-sale round. 1 AHT will be sold at 0.02$, setting the final pre-sale cap at 200,000$.
  • ICO seed round (28th August at 9:00 – 11th September at 9:00) -The seed round will bring an additional 25 million AHT. The soft cap is set at 1,000,000$, cap at 3,750,000$, hard cap at 10,000,000$. Price per 1 AHT will be 0.15$ – 0.4$.
  • ICO (April 2018)  An additional 30 million tokens will be sold at 1.66$ per AHT. The cap is set at 50.000.000$.

Additional Resources

Ahoolee is a Russian project launched in 2017. It was built around the idea of facilitating online searches for particular items and compensating for the traditional inadequacies of search engines. The second branch of the project aims to improve online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Google.Shopping. Simply put, Ahoolee is a search engine dedicated to e-commerce. Our list of additional resources below will give you a complete insight into their idea:

  • Ahoole YouTube review made by Applancer Blockchain channel will give you a basic outline of the platform and its core functionality.
  • On their website, you can also read an interview with Sergey Ryabov, CEO and Chief Executive Officer of Ahoolee. It’ll provide a deeper insight into the thoughts and ideas that went into developing the platform.
  • Ahoolee Facebook profile will allow you to contact the company and ask any potential questions you might have. You can also use it to connect with the community.
  • Ahoolee Twitter account will keep you up-to-date with the ICO and also help you reach out and hear the opinions of other users.
  • You can also join their Telegram channel for a more chat-oriented discussion.
  • You can take a look at the Ahoolee review on the Applancer to find out more about the project.

Bottom Line

As shown in our Ahoolee review, this project is based on the idea of expanding the search engine model and making it more specific and useful. They will allow users to buy items online like never before, provided that the ICO actually succeeds.

Their approach will allow individual users, businesses, analysts, and manufacturers to optimize their respective processes with an abundance of both up-to-date and historical information. The main goal is to make the whole process easier and the final choice as informed as possible.

The project incorporates and improves upon both standard search engines and online marketplaces. Give this one a thorough look since it’s definitely so much more than your usual ICO scam trying to milk the Ethereum blockchain.


  • Capped ICO 
  • Professional and experienced team 
  • Unique business model 
  • Clear whitepaper and funding distribution 
  • Utility for home and business users 


  • None

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Ahoolee Review
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