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Given their popularity, cryptocurrencies and gambling were bound to produce a symbiotic blockchain-based platform at some point. Blockchain technologies have already taken part in online gambling, quickly becoming the most popular payment method on dedicated gambling sites. 

Amidst this rapid crypto integration into the gambling market arose Cash Poker Pro. The project was built around a multilevel complex of poker rooms, using a decentralized platform to monitor the operation of their pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) and a system for quick deposit/withdrawal of funds backed up by blockchain-based authentication.     

Cash Poker Pro is a trademark brand owned by Tavaron Media, which has already developed several successful online/offline gambling products, including the Rush Bingo software, Cash Poker Pro electronic poker tables, Golden Dragon online casino, and others.  

Join us in this Cash Poker Pro review to learn everything about this platform and the vision behind it.    

Start Date
October 26th, 2017
End Date
November 18th, 2017
ICO First Price
1CASH = $0.40 (0,00135 ETH)
Distributed in ICO
60 Million
Accepted Currencies

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The team behind Cash Poker Pro platform already has more than 10 years of experience in gambling and over 3 years of direct involvement in the poker industry. They already developed a select number of premium gambling products and took part in numerous gambling and entertainment exhibitions in the UK, Russia, and the US.  

The list of core team members goes as follows: 

  • Danila Prozorov – CEO 
  • Yaroslav Dementev – COO 
  • Kir Lizhnikov – Marketing director  
  • Natalia Deksbakh – Marketing manager 
  • Elena Bogdanova – Lawyer 
  • Tolya Yanot – CTO 
  • Dmitry Polovaikin – Protocol architect  
  • Alexander Shniperson – Senior backend developer 
  • Roman Dobrik – UX/UI designer 
  • Maxim Ustinyuk – Lawyer    

These are Cash Poker Pro key partners: 

  • Stavkabet – Among the top 5 betting companies in Kazakhstan 
  • Leman – Among the top 5 betting companies in Kazakhstan 
  • Imperium-Games – Online betting and gambling with over 1 million users around the world 
  • Bingo Boom – The top lottery solution in Russia 
  • 1x-bet – Among the top 5 betting companies in Russia 
  • FinBet – Among the top 5 betting companies in Kazakhstan 

Note that the enterprises listed above are not potential but actual and current partners.  

About The Project

Cash Poker Pro plans to implement its innovative and extremely fair model in the way online casinos are being run. The main goal of the platform is to protect the players and give them full control of their money while restoring trust in online gambling services. 

The casinos of today face a plethora of problems, ranging from the inability to allow withdrawals without playing to charging high fees due to traditional payment methods. Cash Poker Pro aims to solve the withdrawal issue with its decentralized platform designed for quick and easy deposits/withdrawals with blockchain-based authentication. The platform doesn’t use bank transfers, electronic wallets, and similar payment methods, which will reduce the fees.  

The centralized RNG issue will also be addressed by making the information about the card dealing percentages available to the players. This means that the end user will be able to check the random factor involved in card dealing and recognize any tampering on the part of the casino.

Cash Poker Pro aims to enable every user to compete anonymously with other players on equal terms and construct online poker rooms based on the CPC Poker Room platform.

Cash Poker Pro poker room tokens (CASH) are issued in the proprietary blockchain and can be purchased through the internal exchange implemented into the digital wallets. The users can buy them with BTC, ETH, and WAVES, as well as with USD, EUR, and RUR. They can also be withdrawn at any time and exchanged for other crypto or national currencies.

Cash Poker Pro poker room will earn a 1-5% commission of the deposit turnover. The income will be distributed among CASH holders, minus the operating expenses. Note that CASH tokens are an excellent investing opportunity since their number has been limited from the beginning and they’re pegged to BTC, ETH, and WAVES rates, which are, as we know, on a steady upward path.  

The company aims to bring forth an online poker room for messengers (Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp…), aware of the fact that the revolution in the online gambling industry would be difficult to achieve at this point. When Telegram announced the launch of its proprietary payment system in June 2017, Cash Poker Pro saw the opportunity to find customers among the 100+ million users in this rather unoccupied niche.

Here’s a succinct business plan behind Cash Poker Pro:  

  • 1st step  The development of a multilevel complex of online poker rooms built upon the Cash Poker Pro platform utilizing blockchain technology for messengers. All holders of the CASH token will be able to create their own games and earn money with the help of the Cash Poker Pro system.
  • 2nd step The development of a decentralized system for PRNG operation monitoring designed to be used in dealing cards and other gambling products like slot games, roulette, and other card games (baccarat, blackjack, Russian poker…).
  • 3rd step  The integration of the aforementioned system into the entire product portfolio and the launch of a full version in the Cash Poker Pro Poker Room with a variety of products.   

Why Choose Cash Poker Pro

This part of our Cash Poker Pro review will focus on some of the most prominent reasons to invest in the Cash Poker Pro platform, including:  

  • Highly professional team with years of experience in the gambling and poker industries 
  • A fresh approach to solving online gambling problems 
  • Guaranteed user anonymity 
  • Ultimate protection for the user 
  • Fair gambling system immune to external influences 
  • A crypto token pegged to BTC, ETH, and WAVES 
  • Excellent earning opportunities for the token holders 
  • Quick deposit/withdrawal system gives the users full control of their funds 
  • Prominent key partners 
  • Platform is partially based on blockchain technology 
  • Unlimited transaction numbers and amounts 
  • No commissions 
  • Unpopulated niche with a sizeable customer pool     
cash Poker Pro Choose

ICO Details

A total of 100 million CASH tokens will be issued. The reserved token amounts go as follows: 

  • 10 million for miner remuneration 
  • 10 million for early investors 
  • 12 million for the team and partners 

ICO stages: 

  • ICO pre-sale (August 26th, 2017 at 18:00 UTC)  8 million CASH tokens are reserved to be sold during the presale. 1 CASH = 0.05 USD or 0.00017 ETH. The funds collected will be used to prepare the public launch, start mining, develop a wallet, and make preparations for the ICO. The cap is set at 400,000 USD. 
  • ICO (October 26th, 2017, at 18:00 UTC)  60 million CASH tokens are reserved to be sold during the ICO stage. 

The prices of CASH during the ICO will range as follows: 

  • October 26th – 20,000,000 CASH; 1 CASH = 0.40$ (0.00135 ETH) 
  • October 31st – 10,000,000 CAS; 1 CASH = 0.43$ (0.00145 ETH) 
  • November 5th – 10,000,000 CASH; 1 CASH = 0.46$ (0.00155 ETH) 
  • November 10th – 10,000,000 CASH; 1 CASH = 0.49$ (0.00165 ETH)  
  • November 14th – 10,000,000 CASH; 1 CASH = 0.52$ (0.00175 ETH) 
  • After November 18th – 1 CASH = 1$ (0.0034 ETH) 

The funds collected during the ICO will be used to develop/launch the platform, start a marketing campaign on a global scale, create a department for technical support, pay for contextual advertising, and promote the product.   

Additional Resources

Cash Poker Pro is a decentralized platform looking to combine blockchain technology with online gambling in order to resolve all the common issues both players and casinos face on a daily basis. It introduces measures for protecting users and giving them full control of their money, which also helps online casinos build trust with their player base. Check out our list of additional resources below for answers to any question you might have regarding the Cash Poker Pro platform and services:

  • Cash Poker Pro Facebook and Twitter pages will keep you up-to-date with the latest news regarding the company and its upcoming ICO.
  • Cash Poker Pro blog on Medium will also provide you with information about the company, as well as potential scams.
  • You can join the Cash Poker Pro Telegram channel to chat with other participants and exchange experiences.

Bottom Line

Cash Poker Pro shows a high level of ingenuity as a result of experience combined with research and experimentation. The idea behind the platform ensures a fairer online gambling process with a great emphasis on user protection/anonymity and the resolution of traditional problems that have plagued online gambling since its inception.  

Furthermore, the founders have grasped the importance of locating an untapped market with a high level of possible customers, which is excellent news for all potential investors. The CASH token will follow the movement of the biggest cryptocurrencies out there and we’re all aware of the fact that the only way for BTC and ETH is up.  

With all that said, we highly recommend this project as one of the most pleasant surprises we’ve encountered on the ICO scene in a while. This Cash Poker Pro review discovered a true ICO gem among the overwhelming amount of scammers and underhanded project creators.  


  • Team with more than 10 years of experience in the industry 
  • Excellent vision behind the platform 
  • Protection for the players 
  • Users are given full control of their funds 
  • Reliable crypto token 
  • RNG system unaffected by external influences 
  • No commissions 
  • Reputable key partners 


  • Not available to US citizens due to legal restrictions  

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Cash Poker Pro Review
Updated : 10.20.2021.
Rating : 8.9/10