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Crystal Clear Services (CSS) is a platform designed to power up the global service industry with blockchain technology. They aim to address the prevailing non-transparency and lack of organization in the service sector by reinventing the way customers connect with service providers. The platform also covers the negotiation and execution of paid services.  

The team behind CSS has spent more than a decade in dispensing services and has recognized the demand for an urgent overhaul. The need for change is most obvious in the oversight, maintenance, and housing markets. That’s why CSS eliminated the middleman in their system and created a transparent marketplace with all the services recorded in a public non-editable blockchain. 

CSS, therefore, intends to put a stop to building reputations on fake reviews by discontinuing the manipulation of transactions, performance ratings, and costs of services. Keep reading our objective Crystal Clear Services review to learn more about this project.

Start Date
September 01st, 2017
End Date
October 1st 2017
ICO First Price
Distributed in ICO
10,000,000 CCT
Accepted Currencies

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CSS team encompasses the following members: 

  • Alexander Veretennikov (Founder and CEO), who is a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of organizing international startups;
  • Valery Novikov (Web and software developer), who has over 5 years of experience in web development; 
  • Slava Poe (Blockchain and Solidity developer), who has more than 5 years of experience in cryptographic protection of information;
  • Elena Veretennikova (CMO, marketing and finance advisor, HR director), who has more than a decade of experience with leading companies from different fields;
  • Ilya Znachko (Front end design), who has more than 12 of experience in website design;
  • Denis Moiseev (Marketing and creative writer).

About The Project

CSS is designed to help users get rid of intermediaries and middlemen. Its aim is to reduce the cost of finding customers, which is a massive advantage for executors and customers alike. CSS will help reduce the current level of fraud and dishonesty on the market to a minimum, which will increase the credibility of the participants and cultivate the growth of genuine high-quality services.  

The platform is developed for the general public, which guarantees its rapid spread and an ever-growing number of participants. The system also takes into account people with lower technological prowess, allowing them to create an auction, order a service or leave feedback in just a couple of clicks.  

Specifically, these are the problems that CSS will hopefully solve once it hits the market. 

Customer side: 

  • Prolonged periods of just searching for a decent service provider;   
  • Inability to see honest feedback about the performer, as well as real order history;
  • The overestimated costs of the service for the customer due to high advertising costs and generation of leads;
  • The general practice of omitting bad reviews in order to preserve spotless reputation;
  • The problem of contractors leaving without finishing the work after receiving an advanced payment;
  • A large number of call centers and intermediaries leaving the customers ignorant about the true identity of their executors.

Performer side: 

  • Expensive advertising seriously reducing potential profit; 
  • No guarantee that your work will be paid in the end;
  • Clear customer avoidance policy in the form of a blacklist; 
  • Potential conflict with picky customers about the differences between the agreed conditions and the actual result of your work.

The only thing that was unclear to us after reading the CSS ICO Whitepaper is the mechanism that’ll prevent unscrupulous customers from simply not paying the work done or leaving poor feedback even though they’ve received satisfactory service. We haven’t seen anything that a contractor can do to prove the appropriate quality of work and timely competition. This point definitely merits some thought as it appears to be biased toward the customers in its current iteration.       

Why Choose Crystal Clear Services

Crystal Clear Services Why Choose

As already indicated at the beginning of this Crystal Clear Services review, many years of experience have been poured into the CSS platform, including big businesses, the general public, and even government contracts. This enabled it to offer numerous advantages over the competition.  

Here are some of the core benefits of participating in the platform: 

  • Decentralized service system – The market is self-regulated in the absence of a centralized system, making it truly open to all participants;
  • Transparency of prices and transactions – Every service executed will be recorded in a public non-editable blockchain;
  • Real reviews, reputation, and recommendations – Reviews cannot be altered or deleted, meaning they’ll always show the true state of affairs; 
  • Visible experience of service providers – This feature should increase trust between CSS participants since they’ll be able to see what was performed, when, and for what cost;
  • Popularization of cryptocurrency blockchain technologies – The service will familiarize all the participants with the revolutionary new world of cryptocurrencies;
  • System of award and bonuses – Numerous actions within the platform will give users rewards in the form of Crystal Clear Tokens (CCT); 
  • Escrow system and dispute resolution – CSS has an integrated escrow system, which eliminates payment risks from both sides. Five unbiased panel members will help the users settle any disputes and disagreements;
  • Minimum fees – The service will implement a 1% service fee; 
  • Instant payment – An integrated exchange system will allow for instant payments for services. They can be paid using fiat or cryptocurrencies;
  • No middleman – CSS cuts out all the middlemen allowing you to discuss the service with the final contractor personally;
  • Incorporated system of auctioned services – Any user will be able to open an auction for the needed service and use the existing list of reviews and prices to choose the best performer;
  • Global blacklist system – This feature will warn users of unscrupulous performers and customers.

ICO Details

Crystal Clear Services Pre-ICO will be launched on July 31st 12:00 UTC and is scheduled to end on August 7th 12:00 UTC. The main phase will start on September 1st and run until October 1st 12:00 UTC. 

CCT bonuses will go as follows: 

  • The first hour – 40% 
  • The first day – 30% 
  • The first week – 25% 
  • The second week – 20% 
  • The third week – 15% 
  • The fourth week – 10% 

The planned amount to be collected through the ICO is 5,000,000.00$. 

Funds distribution plan: 

  • System development – 50% 
  • Global marketing and involvement of the participants – 25% 
  • Financial and legal issues – 15% 
  • Team and administrative resources – 10% 

Token allocation: 

  • Investors – 60% 
  • Tea/advisors – 20% 
  • Reserve fund – 18% 
  • Bounty – 2%  

Additional Resources

Crystal Clear platform is employing a highly professional team with over a decade of experience in dispensing services. The idea behind the platform is to combine the global service industry with blockchain technology in order to give it a much-needed overhaul. Crystal Clear eliminates the middleman and creates a completely transparent marketplace based on honest and verifiable feedback from customers and companies. Every service (and feedback) will be recorded in a public, non-editable blockchain. For more info, check out our additional resources:

  • This Crystal Clear YouTube review will provide you with the basic information regarding their Pre-ICO sale.
  • Crystal Clear Facebook page is regularly updated with fresh info and you can also contact their support staff with any additional questions.
  • Crystal Clear Twitter account has over 6,000 followers and also provides the latest information about the platform and their scheduled events.
  • You can also join their Telegram channel to receive regular notifications and exchange experiences with other users.
  • Applancer offers some valuable additional insights into the platform in their Crystal Clear review.
  • Finally, you can also read a couple of interesting and informative articles on the Crystal Clear blog on Steemit.

Bottom Line

To conclude this Crystal Clear Services review, CSS is a very simple project that will transform the service market as we know it with some refreshing changes such as honesty, real customer reports, straightforward approach to business, and many others. We definitely recommend giving this one a look, as you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the overall simplicity and sheer effectiveness of the main idea.



  • Practical business model 
  • Transparent policy 
  • Decentralized system 
  • Minimum fees 
  • Incorporated auctions and exchange system 
  • Global blacklist system 
  • System of awards and bonuses 


  • The lack of protection from unscrupulous customers 

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Crystal Clear Services Review
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