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GeoFounders is a collection of blockchain software that runs decentralized applications on top of the most popular blockchain platforms. It is unique in its ability to switch between multiple platforms and simultaneously operate on more than one network. It offers its own apps and gives other developers the opportunity to add their apps to its catalog. Intrigued by this promising concept, we have conducted a thorough research of this innovative software and its ICO, with the results summed up in this comprehensive GeoFounders review.

Start Date
June 25th, 2017
End Date
July 25th, 2017
ICO First Price
1 ETH = 800 GUNS
Distributed in ICO
Accepted Currencies


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The GeoFounders team is led by Edward, Michael, and Shaun Shull, all of them renowned experts and well-known for their work on the family-run web consultancy USWeb.

Edward Shull, in charge of business and marketing, is an experienced businessman with a rich background in banking and the web startup industry. He studied computer science and marketing at Harvard University and made his breakthrough with the foundation of USWeb.

Shaun Shull is the lead programmer at GeoFounders. A true child prodigy, he began programming at the early age of 14. He was the lead developer for USWeb, working with a number of major clients such as Hachette Filipacchi, CNET, and Booz Allen Hamilton. He started working with cryptocurrencies after joining the Ethereum crowdsale, which resulted in his creation of crypto-portfolio management software that became the base for GeoFounders.

Michael Shull is a passionate software programmer and web developer whose passion for blockchain technology has only grown since his first venture into the world of blockchain during his final years at Harvard University.

Other members of the GeoFounders team include Chris Kissel, senior analyst of cyber security, John Law, network manager and senior programmer, and Danny Roberts, graphic designer known for his work at Jet Set Game. Last but not least, Alex Barlow from Robins Cloud Law Firm is a valuable partner of GeoFounders.

About The Project

The main purpose of GeoFounders software is the creation of blockchain-related, decentralized mobile, desktop, and web apps. The stated primary goal of GeoFounders is to provide useful and productive software that builds on the advantages of blockchain technology while generating substantial profit for the holders of the native tokens. Designed to be easy to use, GeoFounders software is meant to promote mainstream understanding and use of blockchain technology.

The company also wants to give third-party developers the opportunity to present their apps in GeoFounders’ catalog. This means it will launch its own app store that will offer high-quality blockchain-based apps created by the GeoFounders team and other developers.

GeoFounders has introduced its own tokens called GeoUnits, or GUNS for short, available for purchase during the company’s official ICO. The holders of GUNS tokens get access to the distribution account that holds all the profits generated by the customer use of the Geofounders application software through the collection of fees. The token holders can access the account at any time and collect their earnings. Learn more about the distribution of payouts in the ICO Details section of this GeoFounders review.

In order to make the apps compatible with various blockchains, GeoFounders offers unique, custom-made middleware that works as a translator and connects the apps with different blockchains. It is designed to span across desktop, mobile, and web platforms, browser plugins, and remote middleware nodes.

Why Choose GeoFounders

GeoFounder Why Choose

GeoFounders is a company that has recognized the vast potential of blockchain technology and is now working on making the most out of it while also making it available to a larger user base. It aims to help users understand and use the benefits of the blockchain, such as decentralization, immutability, and significantly lower fees.

GeoFounders provides middleware that is easy to use and enables both novice and advanced users to operate different blockchain platforms. This middleware runs on various blockchains, including Lisk, Rootstock, Ethereum, and many others.

GeoFounders software hosts different proxy nodes that can help you connect to the blockchain through one of the company’s servers. The software is multilingual and expected to operate in 25 world languages over time.

Another great benefit of GeoFounders is that it features its own decentralized app store called GeoDapps. This app store will make finding decentralized apps much easier, providing customers with a great selection of apps that can keep their data safe and that aren’t as pricey as apps on other app stores.

GeoFounders is currently developing several apps, including GeoWrap, GeoFounder, GeoBanker, and GeoRealms. GeoWrap is a background-running middleware application designed to enable seamless connection to one or multiple blockchain platforms. GeoFounder is an application for GUNS owners, designed to help you operate and transfer your GUNS with ease. It can show you your balance or enable you to withdraw the generated revenue. Each GUNS token you have brings you 0.0000009% revenue generated from GeoFounders’ collective earnings from the apps. GeoBanker is a desktop application that employs GeoWrap in order to simultaneously operate with multiple blockchain platforms. It provides financial tools for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and allows for easy account management through a single interface. GeoBanker packs a number of useful extra features such as escrow services, collateral tools, account alerts, and more. GeoRealms is a gaming application that allows the holders of custom GeoRealms tokens to play a unique blockchain-based fantasy adventure game.

geofounders why choose

Finally, the company is preparing a brand new software testing blockchain platform called Moonshine for Q4 2018. It will utilize an improved version of the Ethereum codebase to provide an excellent platform for application testing and modifications. Moonshine is envisioned as a perfect platform for app developing. It will be compatible with numerous blockchains. Moonshine will be a separate blockchain platform operating with its own tokens called Shine, which will be available only to GUNS holders.

ICO Details

GUNS crowdsale was launched on June 25th, 2017. The end of the crowdsale is set for July 25, 2017. However, the ICO can be terminated before the said date, as soon as the cap of 65.000.000 GUNS is reached. GeoFounders offers a total fixed supply of 100.000.000 GUNS which can be purchased with Ethereum.

The crowdsale funds will be distributed as follows:

  • 40% for development,
  • 20% for marketing,
  • 20% for design,
  • 5% for legal expenses,
  • 5% for business development,
  • 10% for the reserve fund.

When it comes to your share of GUNS, you should know that GeoFounders works with Ethereum smart contracts that do not offer automatic payouts, meaning you must request each payout. It is also important to note that the distribution of payouts to token holders is based on GUNS ownership. Token holders receive the percentage of revenue equal to the percentage of the total amount of GUNS in their ownership, minus 10% directed toward continued development (e.g. a token holder who owns 10% of the total amount of GUNS gets 9% of the revenue).

How To Contribute

Supporters can join the GUNS crowdsale by purchasing GUNS at the price of 1.000 GUNS for 1 ETH, with ETH being the only supported means of payment. GeoFounders ICO contract works with ERC20 Standard Token framework and it is therefore compatible with any exchange that uses this type of contract. It is recommended that you pay for GUNS with the funds from your personal wallet using MyEtherWallet or the official Ethereum Wallet. The use of third-party wallets is strongly discouraged in absence of previous confirmation of the wallets’ capability of managing ERC20 tokens.

Additional Resources

The GeoFounders collective utilizes blockchain platforms to their maximum potential. Their software (desktop, mobile, and web dApps) takes advantage of custom-made middleware to switch between various blockchain networks, sometimes even operating on more than one simultaneously. Check the additional resources bellow to learn more about their unique approach to leveraging blockchain networks:

  • GeoFounders’ official YouTube channel features an elaborate video where lead programmer Shaun Shull delivers an overview of the project. It includes extensive descriptions of GeoFounders apps, middleware, and ICO. There’s also a video that features previews of the GeoWrap and GeoBankers apps.
  • Bitcoin Chaser’s interview with GeoFounders focuses on the platform, what makes GeoFounders different from other software collectives, how GUNS can be used, and much more.
  • GeoFounders’ subreddit offers you many informative articles about GeoFounders and its platform. You can read about GeoDapps, check out player sketches for GeoRealms, and learn more about other GeoFounders apps.

Bottom Line

GeoFounders is a visionary company led by a team of highly skilled professionals and blockchain enthusiasts set on bringing blockchain technology to the masses. Its middleware which efficiently builds a bridge between software and blockchain platforms, the useful blockchain-related applications and decentralized app store, as well as the upcoming software-testing blockchain platform are all as innovative as they are intriguing. Together with the promise of significant profits for GUNS token holders, these shiny building blocks of the ambitious GeoFounders project form an interesting investment opportunity that should not be passed up on easily.


  • Multi-blockchain middleware
  • Tokens for various apps
  • Ethereum smart contracts
  • Decentralized app store
  • Multilingual software
  • Proxy nodes
  • Substantial profit for GUNS token holders
  • Promotes mainstream adoption of blockchain
  • Suitable for further investments


  • None

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GeoFounders Review
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