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LAToken (pronounced LAToken, not LA Token) is a blockchain based platform designed to allow its users to create/trade asset tokens. Cryptoholders are, thus, enabled to diversify their portfolio by accessing tokens linked to the price tags of real assets. On the other hand, LAToken allows asset owners to “unlock” the overall value of their assets by creating/selling asset tokens. As a result, the platform will introduce cryptocurrencies into the “real” economy. 

LAToken will enhance the transparency and liquidity of assets and reduce the overall transaction costs. The platform will allow the creation of third-party asset token listings, compliant with legal structure rules and LAToken disclosure, providing a transparent price discovery and diversification through multiple asset classes.  

Keep reading our dedicated LAToken review to learn everything about the platform and upcoming crowdsale.     

Start Date
August 22nd 2017
End Date
October 10th 2017
ICO First Price
1 LAT = 0.0014 ETH
Distributed in ICO
180 million LAT
Accepted Currencies

LAToken homepage


The team behind LAToken is made of seasoned marketing, financial, and blockchain experts dedicated to delivering a product that’ll bridge the gap between the virtual and “real” economies. The team includes:

  • Valentin Preobrazhenskiy – CEO 
  • Danila Simonov – CTO 
  • Denis Simagin – Managing director 
  • Roman Zhdanov – Head of product 
  • Mike Jones – Advisor 
  • Michael Terpin – Advisor 
  • Mitchell Manoff – Advisor for financial services 
  • Bradley Rotter – Security advisor 
  • Eli Taranto – IR director 
  • Artem Chestnov – Bizdev 
  • Roman Churilin – Project manager 
  • Katerina Pantyuhina – PR 
  • Siranush Sharoyan – Chief editor 
  • Igor Kolokoltsev – IR and partnerships 
  • Pavel Oskov – Head of SMM/community management 
  • Jeremy Epstein – Marketing advisor 
  • Richard Titus – Advisor 
  • Fedor Sapronov – Corporate banking products advisor 
  • Maxim Vasilyev – Frond end 
  • Aaron Schwartz – Smart contracts developer 
  • Mikhail Burtsev – Deep learning research 
  • Anish Mohammed – Security architect 
  • Abhijith Naraparaju – Blockchain solution architect 
  • Ismail Malik – Blockchain R&D and ICO advisor 
  • Alexandra Petrova – Manager 
  • Stizhenok Arseniy – Advisor 
  • Urvi Guglani – Research analyst 
  • Eugene Chang – Regional partner, Hong Kong 
  • Reuben Godfrey – Community advisor 
  • Michael Gord – Advisor 
  • Raghu Uk – Banking integrations 
  • Michael Sbitinkov – CTO of LAT back office  
  • Sandris Murins – Blockchain strategist 

The official website also offers links to LinkedIn profiles of all team members, which greatly enhances user confidence in the validity of this project.     

About The Project

LAToken platform has a lot of functionality, features, ideas, and value to offer.   

LAToken proposed value consists of the following points: 

  • Exposure of cryptoholders to real asset prices -Cryptoholders will benefit from the platform by being “exposed” to the prices of numerous real assets, including debt, equity, gold, commodities, real estate, artwork, etc. Cryptoholders will be able to buy tokens linked to those prices on the LAT platform, with maximum transparency and security, as well as with low transaction costs. 
  • Disruptive reduction of transaction costs to unlock the asset value  LAToken will allow asset owners to unlock the value of their assets and receive instant liquidity by creating linked asset tokens and eventually selling them to cryptoholders. 
  • Eradication of data asymmetry and fraud  A significant market erosion has been caused by the issue of data asymmetry between asset owner and buyer. Under such conditions, low-quality assets have suddenly become more profitable to sell than those of higher quality. Reliable blockchain data provided by the LAT platform will be available to both parties before the transaction, with absolute certainty of its worthiness.

The listed competitive advantages of the platform go as follows: 

  • LAToken is based on an existing and profitable business –Zalogo is a non-blockchain financial platform that precedes LAToken. Zalogo was also created by Valentin Preopbrazhenskiy and designed to provide private borrowers with bank loans, with their real estate assets used as collateral.
  • LAToken is already an operational platform  The tokens can already be created and sold and their owners can then trade them on the secondary market. Tokens linked to the share prices (Amazon, Apple, Tesla…) are already being traded. LAT infrastructure already includes LAT marketplace, LAT wallet, back office, trading terminal, App store, and constructor.
  • Wide options for diversification throughout major asset classes  The LAT platform solves numerous problems by offering better security for funds, seamless transactions, trading across different asset classes, and single compliance and disclosure standards for asset diversification.
  • Strategic partnerships  LAToken is already partnered with Rivetz International, MyGold, and SlimVentures. 
  • Memberships  LAToken is a member of CryptoValley, a Swiss Government supported project. 

LAToken is designed to reduce transaction costs on unlocking asset value and gaining liquidity. Still, there are some fees asset owners will have to pay: 

  • Asset tokenization will be charged 0.01% of the token sale price 
  • Asset token trading will come with a transaction fee of approx. 0.001% of the token sale price  

Additionally, LAToken will charge certain origination fees in fiats, including appraisal fees, insurances, trustee fees, and legal fees. The exact fees will depend on the smart contract details and the asset class.  

In order to keep users 100% secure, LAToken incorporates secure smart contracts and protection against DDoS attacks. It also uses security audit from a third party, escrow, and multi-factor authentication. 

Why Choose LAToken

The LAToken platform offers many benefits to users, including:

  • The opportunity to join real and crypto economies 
  • “Tokenization” of real assets 
  • Diversified opportunities for cryptoholders 
  • Numerous tools implemented in the platform 
  • Working prototype 
  • 24/7 trades 
  • Tokens linked to share prices are already being traded on the platform 
  • Excellent security setup 
  • Transparency  
LAToken Why Choose LAToken

ICO Details

The LAT token sale starts on August 22nd 2017, 14:00 UTC and ends on October 10th 2017, 18:00 UTC. The hard cap is set at 40 million dollars. The total number of LAT tokens to be sold is 180 million, according to the Whitepaper. The price of 1 LAT is 0.0014 ETH. 

Currently, there’s a pool of 400 million LAT distributed among the company, team, network investments, and sale, as well as 600 million frozen LAT, which will all be released over a period of 5 years.  

Additional Resources

LAToken is a new platform based on blockchain technology and designed to allow asset owners to tokenize the value of their assets and sell them to cryptoholders. This will diversify the asset classes you’ll be able to sell for or buy via cryptocurrency. Our list of additional resources below will allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest news regarding the LAToken platform:

  • You can familiarize yourself with the platform even further by checking this LAToken YouTube review.
  • The official LAToken YouTube channel will provide interesting insight into the “backstage” of the platform and offer certain explanations and estimates for the future.
  • You should also watch this YouTube interview with Valentin Preobrazhenskiy (the founder of LAToken) if you’re interested in learning more about his thought process.
  • LAToken Facebook and Twitter pages will also allow you to monitor the latest developments on the platform and see what other users have to say about the overall experience.
  • You can also join the LAToken Telegram channel to be the first to learn about improvements and additions to the platform.

Bottom Line

LAToken brings an excellent idea to the table and we would definitely like to see this project succeed. As seen in our LAToken review, it’ll allow owners to tokenize the value of their assets and cryptoholders to expand the pool of assets that can be bought via cryptocurrency. The platform also features its proprietary wallet and marketplace in order to provide users with ultimate functionality. If you want to go wider with your LAT tokens, LAToken is expanding the list of available crypto exchanges as we speak.  

So, if you like the idea of, let’s say, buying a house or a painting for Bitcoin or Ethereum, we definitely recommend checking the LAToken project and taking part in its crowdsale.    


  • Revolutionary idea behind the project 
  • Working prototype 
  • Numerous strategic partnerships 
  • Solid security and anti-fraud features 
  • Impressive and transparent team 


  • Whitepaper features filler content  

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