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When SONM (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining) is mentioned, there are two things that should immediately spring to mind, fogging and generally available supercomputing.

Instead of opting to take part in the ever-present trend of offering centralized cloud services, SONM went with the more “edgy” and cost-efficient fog networking, also ensuring the more adept transport of data to the cloud for analysis, processing, and storage. On the other hand, the very purpose of the project lies in providing a free marketplace for general computing workloads.

Start Date
June 15th, 2017
End Date
July 15th, 2017
ICO First Price
1 ETH = 606 SNM tokens
Distributed in ICO
Accepted Currencies

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The SONM project team is led by CEO and founder Sergey Ponomarev, who’s also the creator of the SOSNA globalOS concept. The founder and CEO of the DrugDiscovery@home project Andrey Voronkov is also involved in the SONM project as one of the main advisers, alongside Jaron Lukasiewicz, Simone Giacomelli, Emmanuel Abiodun, Jake Vartanian, and Alexander Rugaev. Max Kordek, the founder of Lisk, also joined the SONM team on June the 14th.

Anton Tiurin is the lead P2P and PaaS technology developer, Reuben Godfrey is the business developer in the Atlantic Region, Max Taldykin is the SONM DAO and Smart-contract developer, Roman Sivakov and Michail Ivanov are SONM Dev-Ops and system architects, Sergei Sergienko, the CEO of, is the escrow agent, and Oxana Lorie and Anastasiya Ashaeva are in charge of graphics/UI design and machine learning and AI, respectively.

About The Project

Similarly to Golem and iEXEC, SONM aims to provide globally distributed computing power. It’s basically an Ethereum blockchain based universal fog supercomputer. The main idea behind the project is moving the world past cloud computing and toward the more cost-efficient and safer option that is fog processing.

By decentralizing computing power, SONM can reduce the need for infrastructure, buildings, and administration. Besides being a cheaper alternative to the old-fashioned cloud computing, SONM also allows for easier connection to the processing power for anyone who needs it.

SONM can be used for a variety of applications, from video rendering to full-blown scientific projects. Of course, it can also be applied to hosting websites and running game servers. The amount of supercomputing power utilized as well as its purpose is completely left at the discretion of the user.

Where is all that computing power coming from, though? This is where the miners come in. SONM is an ideal platform for mining cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, without the looming threat of banned equipment or algorithm changes to PoS.

SONM will allow miners to consistently set their computers for the most profitable venture, lend it their processing power, and reap the rewards. SONM is also a highly flexible platform, compatible with smartphones, tablets, and even your PS.

Why Choose SONM

SONM holds numerous arguments that merit our attention, so we’ll start with the sheer diversity of its potential future applications:

  • Scientific calculations These often include intricate calculus, which, in turn, demands a massive amount of computing power. This makes them an ideal candidate for SONM. Some of the potential applications include social and climate predictions, drug development, bioinformatics, aerodynamic calculations, meteor trajectory modeling, and so on.
  • Site hosting This application of the platform will reduce web hosting costs for site owners, simultaneously avoiding the dependence on centralized cloud service (Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS pop to mind) and hosting providers. You’ll be able to prolong your hosting automatically and collect your payments in Ethereum or SONM tokens.
  • Game servers SONM features an out-of-the-box game server solution. The idea is for miners to support game servers by receiving game tokens in return for their computer resources. Enough users will be able to fuel the game server smoothly without ever needing to use the “real-world” currency.
  • Neural network projects This potential application was mentioned directly by SONM on the official website. Neural network projects usually require staggering amounts of processing power, so SONM aims to implement an easier solution.
  • Rendering CGI & video Another high-intensity application, requiring enormous processing power. SONM network, on the other hand, will render your CGI video in just minutes. They count on using their infrastructural flexibility, so they promise ultra-fast CGI rendering.
  • Web apps SONM resources can also be used to move all the calculations from the back-end to “the fog.” This, again, follows the main premise of SONM, which lies in avoiding the centralized cloud server and running your apps in the decentralized SONM network.
SONM why Choose

SONM also offers numerous advantages for miners by rewarding them “calculations for the real world”:

  • Instead of just waiting for your mining equipment to get banned, you’ll be able to use it for processing tasks and calculations, cutting electricity bills and still being served calculations for the distributed power.
  • We’ve already mentioned that you can contribute to SONM through your smart devices or PS.
  • Profit maximization is the final advantage for miners, exploiting the fact that SONM is founded on a multi-agent system.

After you’ve contributed to a particular project with your mining power, you’ll receive a direct payout from SONM in Ethereum to your personal account.

As far as clients are concerned, SONM offers the following advantages:

  • Decentralization There is no centralized authority for regulating the distribution of computing resources. On top of that fact, SONM also offers you anonymity tools like TOR or proxy.
  • Cost efficiency SONM was funded on the wings of promising lower traffic expenses. At the end of the day, they won’t have to pay for numerous administrative costs, being a completely decentralized venture.
  • Tokens Ecosystem SONM ecosystem revolves around tokens and it’s left to every business to customize what those tokens do.
  • Rapid data transfer Lastly, SONM is based on a torrent protocol to expedite data distribution from hubs and clients. This translates to wasting less time while uploading files onto a server.

ICO Details

SONM’s ICO started on June 15th and it was meant to last for a month with the cap being set at 273,399 ETH.

On June 18th, they’ve announced that the ICO goal was reached, raising 42 million dollars or 331,360,000 SNM. The migration process from SPT to SNM tokens is automatic and it began the same day.

How To Contribute

SONM’s ICO is already over, much sooner than anybody expected, so you technically can’t contribute anymore, except via processing power as a client.

If you’re interested in SONM Tokens, they should start circulating the exchanges soon.

Additional Resources

SONM is a project centered around utilizing fog/grid computing in order to create a unique market for miners and customers based on decentralized worldwide processing power. We bring you the complete outline of SONM’s online presence, delivering all the essential ICO information necessary for you to determine whether this project is worth your time, including:

  • Detailed SONM ICO report by Satoshi Fund, a renowned blockchain investment company that has been investing in blockchain assets since 2014. The report explains what SONM is, how it works, and where it could be used. It also lists everything you need to know about the token crowdsale, including the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing SNM.
  • CryptoPortfolio’s YouTube Review introduces the team behind the SONM project, also offering a close look at SONM’s position on the market, details about fees and dividends, analyses and predictions about the future of the company and its tokens, and much more.
  • In this video on the SONM YouTube channel, SONM CEO and founder Sergey Ponomarev talks about the finished ICO and introduces the company’s 6-month plan.
  • On the SONM subreddit, you can find plenty of useful information about SONM and SNM tokens, provided by the SONM team, as well as users and reviewers.

Bottom Line

SONM is definitely a sign of the future to come. It’s a highly intriguing, avant-garde concept and the insta-funded ICO can certainly attest to that.

It will be fun watching SONM, iEXEC, and Golem fighting for supremacy in this all out “war” on centralized computing services and we’ll be here to keep you up-to-date at all times.   


  • Decentralized computing power instead of cloud computing
  • Extraordinary team of experienced experts
  • Based on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Numerous advantages for miners
  • Compatible with smart devices and PS
  • Rapid and cost-efficient data transfer
  • A wide range of potential applications
  • Transparent management and business policy


  • None so far

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