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Spectiv is envisioned as a dedicated virtual reality (VR) platform that’ll allow users to stream their unique VR experiences to the world. “Dedicated” is the operative term here since there currently aren’t any platforms specializing solely in hosting VR-based content. If we simplify things, we can say that Spectiv aims to become the YouTube or Twitch for VR.   

Admittedly, there have been similar projects in the past and they have all failed, so what has changed?  

Virtual reality has become more accessible in recent years. Now, everybody can purchase a 360 camera for 200 or so dollars and become a contributor to a dedicated VR platform. On the other hand, VR is no longer this futuristic abstraction it used to be and ordinary people can now take part in content creation with minimal investments. To learn more about this exciting project, continue reading our Spectiv review.

Start Date
December 8th, 2017
End Date
January 8th, 2018
ICO First Price
Distributed in ICO
Accepted Currencies

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The core team behind Spectiv includes: 

  • Dylan Senter – CEO 
  • Nick Ravanbakhsh – Co-founder, COO 
  • Chris Pena – Chief of technology 
  • Ramon Hernandez – UI developer 
  • Bryn Bellomy – Ethereum developer 
  • Justin Wood – Software architect 
  • Jasmine Nguyen – UX developer 
  • Mirza Baig – Business strategy 


  • Sheldon Weisfeld – Founder of CoinVault ATM 
  • Adam Richards – Founder of Volt Markets & Sutton Stone; founder of Houston Bitcoin Meetup 
  • James Duchenne – Founder of Sutton Store; representative for the Investment Board of Mauritius 

We would like to point out that all team members offered their LinkedIn profiles to the general public, providing additional insight into their professional backgrounds and competencies. This is an excellent way of connecting with potential investors and working toward dispersing thoughts of a potential ICO scam. 

About The Project

The main goal of the project is to create a dedicated VR platform that’ll allow users to share their VR content and create a truly immersive shared experience, as already said at the beginning of this Spectiv review. The team aims to capitalize on the fact that virtual reality will probably be the next revolutionary tech boom. The projected growth should reach 30 billion dollars by 2020, which would make it one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to all indicators, VR will transition from a niche to a full-blown industry.  

Some of the essential ideas behind the project go as follows: 

  • Community-driven VR content  VR experiences within the platform will be contributed by users. Spectiv will enable “ordinary” users to stream their personal experiences with their personal VR equipment. The content itself can range from casually recorded to professionally produced uploads. 
  • Commercial VR events  The platform will provide VR live streams of concerts, sporting events, and more from a premium seat perspective for a truly engaging experience. VR will allow all viewers to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere. Spectiv will directly partner with relevant hosting organizations for these mainstream events. 
  • Spectiv original VR content  Spectiv productions team will use the most advanced VR technologies to produce their proprietary content. After the more critical commercial and community-driven components are developed, Spectiv will slowly start adding their original content. 
  • Tokens: Specs & Sigs  The driving force behind Spectiv will be a 2-token ecosystem. Specs will operate as the internal currency for the platform and Sigs will operate as a decentralized ERC20 token. Sigs will foster growth in the VR industry by connecting the attention markets with the Ethereum blockchain.

To put it simply, Spectiv will be a decentralized and user integrated exchange for VR experiences. It shouldn’t be viewed as a simple platform made just for watching interesting uploads. It’s a medium where people half a world apart can share their real-life experiences with others. Just imagine taking a tour of some place in, let’s say, Paris, from the comfort of your room or watching the Super Bowl from the audience in full 360 without even leaving your home. That’s what Spectiv is all about.  

Why Choose Spectiv

The biggest difference between Spectiv and currently operating VR platforms is user-driven content. In other words, the platform won’t just offer the opportunity for users to consume VR content but also to contribute their own experiences and share them with others.  

The team has a really innovative and ambitious idea, which is one of the cornerstones of a successful ICO and project in general. The ability to contribute with your own content should incentivize people to get active on the platform and start connecting and sharing with other participants. As we said already in our Spectiv review, this will be the YouTube for VR and we all saw the rapid success of the industry that became YouTube. 

Spectiv Why Choose

ICO Details

Spectiv private pre-sale starts on August 14th, 2017 at 2 PM (GMT -5) and ends on September 4th, 2017. The crowdsale cap is set at 130,000 ETH or 40 million dollars. The total number of Sigs sold will determine how many are created. The crowdsale will offer up to 60% of Sigs. 20% will be reserved on the platform, 14% will go to the management team, 4% will be reserved for escrow and advisors, and 2% for bounties and rewards. The price of Sigs is set at 0.50$ each. 

The sale will be divided into 4 stages, each with an appropriate early bird bonus: 

  • Level 1: $0 — $2,000,000 Raised = 40% Bonus 
  • Level 2: $2,000,000 — $10,000,000 Raised = 25% Bonus 
  • Level 3: $10,000,000 — $25,000,000 Raised = 15% Bonus 
  • Level 4: $25,000,000 — $40,000,000 Raised = 0% Bonus 

The public token sale will launch on December 8th.    

Additional Resources

Spectiv is a dedicated VR platform designed to provide users with an opportunity to share their experiences with the world in full 360. The innovative part of the project lies in the word “dedicated” since there currently aren’t any platforms that specialize in user-driven VR content.

The recent breakthrough of the concept of virtual reality and its accessibility to the general public have made projects like this possible. Spectiv ultimately aims to become a YouTube-like platform for VR, allowing users to create their own content and share it with everybody else.

Here are some additional resources that can help you discover more about this interesting project:

Bottom Line

Spectiv is definitely a project that shows how far we have gone when it comes to futuristic platforms and technologies. The VR industry is nothing new, but the overall approach and business model is what sets Spectiv apart. Spectiv is not the first VR platform, not even the first blockchain VR platform, but it’s definitely the first dedicated project focused on user-created VR content.  

We wouldn’t say this ICO is a scam after running it through our usual “anti-scam” circuit. We haven’t seen any of the usual red flags, so we would deem it safe to invest. The future of the platform looks relatively bright as well since VR promises to be one of the fastest growing industries in the next 3 years.  

To conclude our Spectiv review, this is a very pleasant surprise for us and a true reminder of how our decentralized blockchain-based future should look like.


  • Innovative idea 
  • Transparent and experienced team 
  • Solid list of partners and advisors 
  • Community-driven content creation 


  • None so far 

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Spectiv Review
Updated : 10.13.2021.
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