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STeX Exchange is the first 100% publicly owned exchange for cryptocurrencies. The project was set forth by the founder of KeyCAPTCHA service, currently utilized by 20k companies with 40 million users every month. The main idea behind STeX is offering something no crypto exchange has offered so far, a complex solution to the omnipresent liquidity problem.  

STeX will provide a single place where all crypto coins can be traded, thus mitigating the “problem” of the explosive crypto growth we’ve all witnessed in recent years. Current crypto exchanges are not well-equipped to deal with this phenomenon, so STeX Exchange falls into the category of much needed and welcome projects. Keep reading this STeX Exchange review for more info.

Start Date
October 31th, 2017
End Date
November 30th, 2017
ICO First Price
0.5 ETH = 500 STE
Distributed in ICO
100,000,000 STE
Accepted Currencies

STeX Exchange homepage


The core team behind STeX Exchange lists only 3 members: 

  • Nicholas Prays (CTO) – Nicholas is lauded as a computer genius. He is in charge of overcoming all the technical difficulties and dealing with increasing data loads and high-speed data streams.
  • Andrew Makarskiy (CEO/HR/Public Relations)  Andrew is the “voice” of the project. He has ample experience in trading, investment strategy creation, and statistical analysis.
  • Ivan Mityaev (CFO/Compliance and legal department)  Ivan is responsible for the financial aspect of the project, with market-making activities included. He’s also in charge of HFT, stress testing of trading systems, algorithms, etc.

About The Project

As we mentioned at the beginning of this STeX Exchange review, the main problem that’s plaguing crypto exchanges is poor liquidity. Cryptocurrencies have experienced an enormous growth recently and existing exchanges haven’t been exactly capable of “keeping up.” Furthermore, it’s very difficult (read: “impossible”) to find one place to trade all available coins.  

This is the core problem STeX Exchange is looking to solve with their advanced private algorithms and technical solutions. However, we were unable to find any code snippets or similar demonstrations of how they exactly plan on doing this. In the official Whitepaper, they claim that they still can’t disclose any technical details because of competitors. We don’t like this explanation, as they can’t expect investors to just take their word for it. We need actual proof before we can advise people to invest in this project. 

Another problem with existing crypto exchanges is the fact that they don’t show any calculations about available volumes at a specific price, which can hinder high net investors. STeX promises to deal with this as well with their (so far) phantom algorithms and solutions. We don’t want to sound too judgmental, but every crypto aficionado knows not to invest in a project without an actual product.  

Basically, STeX Exchange is looking to implement tools from traditional financial markets to cryptocurrency, bringing forth a full-blown professional stock exchange to the world of cryptocurrency trading.    

Why Choose STeX Exchange

First of all, STeX is a pretty fresh and interesting project. As we already mentioned in our STeX Exchange review, they are looking to solve one of the biggest problems currently affecting crypto exchanges.  

Furthermore, they’ll implement the most important financial market tools into the crypto niche, including: 

  • Higher liquidity 
  • Cross-rates 
  • All possible types of orders (stop loss, conditional orders based on technical indicators…) 
  • Futures 
  • Leverage 
  • Options 
  • Indexes and ETFs 
  • Investors and managers 

One of the most important aspects of STeX is the fact that they’ll give freedom to everyone to pick their roles in the new forming reality and make appropriate gains.  

STeX Exchange why

With STeX Exchange, you can choose what and who you want to be on the market: 

  • User or trader  STeX will provide the best rates and better liquidity whether you are interested in intraday trading or a simple coin-to-coin exchange.
  • New financial universe  You’ll be able to open your personal hedge fund in just a few clicks or choose the one you’d like to invest in. You’ll be able to scan the market for successful managers and traders implementing your own set of criteria. A fully secured and scam-protected platform will also allow you to set your rules to attract potential investors.
  • The full magnitude of financial services  This will be the result of the STeX initiative to bring futures and options to the crypto trading. It’s a more secure way of trading securities than your ordinary direct-trade. Futures will also allow you to open a position in a coin and keep 100% of the profits with only a fraction of it covered as a deposit.

STeX Exchange HFT algorithms were originally designed to work on traditional stock exchanges, so they’ll be able to provide users with all trading possibilities from a single platform and a single trading account.  

Additional STeX advantages include: 

  • A global trading platform that will require just a fraction of the collected funds. The rest will be used to fund market-making activities for even higher liquidity.
  • Horizontal scaling means that STeX technology and platform architecture will be able to handle an expanding user base. 
  • The technical team behind the project is perfectly capable of handling even a 100x increase in trading volume.
  • Ready-to-implement recipe for solving slow speeds and order routing delays.
  • Convexity of risk/return.

ICO Details

STeX Exchange is currently in its pre-sale stadium, which will end on September 30th. The current price of their token (STE) is 1 ETH for 1,000 STE. The price will not change throughout the entire pre-sale. The company assigned 15,000,000 tokens to be sold during this period. The payback will be 10% of all funds raised in the ICO, plus 100% commission from operations. The minimum lot is 0.5 ETH per person.  

STeX ICO is scheduled for October 30th and it should go on for 1 month. The initial pricing will be 2 ETH for 1,000 STE tokens. The price will increase every 5% of tokens above 20%. No more than 70,000,000 STE tokens will be sold. 10% commissions from operations. The minimum lot will also be 0.5 ETH per person.  

Additional Resources

STeX is a cryptocurrency exchange project that aims to replace the crypto exchanges of today by solving all their major problems. Cryptocurrencies are an ever-growing market, which has caused numerous issues with liquidity since existing exchanges just aren’t capable of adequately following this explosion in popularity.

STeX team has ample experience with traditional financial markets and looks to implement their tools in their crypto exchange. They already have numerous proprietary algorithms and technical solutions just waiting to be implemented once the ICO is concluded and enough funds have been gathered.

Here are some additional resources that can help you learn more about the project:

  • You can start your STeX exploration with this introductory YouTube clip.
  • This Subreddit will provide you with some unbiased opinions expressed by other potential investors.
  • You can also follow STeX Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date with all the relevant information.
  • Lastly, STeX Telegram Channel will allow you to join the community and chat about the project.

Bottom Line

As seen in our STeX Exchange review, this project definitely brings something new to the table when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Implementing traditional financial tools into crypto exchanges can be viewed as both good and bad, so we’ll leave it to you to decide what to make of it.  

Our main problem with this project is the fact that we were not able to get any technical insight into the proposed “problem-solving” solutions. The team claims they have a number of algorithms and solutions just waiting to be implemented, but we can’t take them seriously without any actual proof. They should’ve known this would be a huge red flag, indicating a possible scam.     

Other than that, we really like the project and would definitely want to see it succeed and improve the crypto trading ecosystem we have today. 


  • Fresh and relevant idea 
  • Excellent terms for investors 
  • Implementation of relevant financial tools into a cryptocurrency exchange 
  • One platform for all crypto trading 
  • Higher liquidity 
  • Competent team 


  • No code snippets or any insight into the technical part of the platform  

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STeX Exchange Review
Updated : 10.13.2021.
Rating : 8.8/10