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Zonto is a complex of different services, products, technologies, and solutions aggregated in a single platform. It features several functional modules, which collaborate with each other attaching the emergent new qualities to the entire complex.  

The synergistic effects achieved through the collaboration of the Zonto modules provide numerous benefits to the participants using Zonto for business, communication, purchases or entertainment. The goal of the developer was to create a flexible, scalable, self-learning, and continuously evolving system utilizing blockchain technology.  

Zonto’s architecture was finally formed when all of the modules were integrated into its social network and started building logical connections between each other. The ultimate vision named Zonto.World features a user-created “ecosystem” with chains of interests, connections, and mutually beneficial opportunities. We’ll talk at length about the infrastructure, tools, and technologies “behind the scene,” so stick around until the end of our in-depth Zonto review.  

Start Date
September 12th, 2017
End Date
October 12th, 2017
ICO First Price
1 ZONTO = $5
Distributed in ICO
Accepted Currencies

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The professional team behind Zonto encompasses the following members: 

  • Alex Erdel – Co-founder 
  • Andre Ertel – Co-founder 
  • Konstantin Kosiakov – Co-founder 
  • Valerry Ivanov – CIO 
  • Aleksey Podlegaev – DevOps engineer 
  • Alina Vinogradova – Front-end developer 
  • Andrey Obihod – Full stack developer 
  • Ilya Andrienko – Android developer 
  • Vladyslav Siedov – iOS developer 
  • Stanislav Stepichev – UI/UX designer 
  • Roman Zherebko – Back-end developer 
  • Nikita Rudskoy – CMO 
  • Dmitry Kolomiets – Marketer 
  • Angelika Volska – Marketer, PR-manager 
  • Elena LLina – UI/UX designer 
  • Petr Gorchanuk – Back-end developer 
  • Dmitry Dzubenko – Back-end developer 
  • Vitaliy Belushenko – UI/UX developer 
  • Konstantin Kostenko – Front-end developer 
  • Ilya Nikiforov – Lawyer  

About The Project

This section of our Zonto review will focus on the project’s ideology, which consists of the following postulates: 

  • Uberization  This postulate aims to exclude any intermediaries between the businesses and the final user, allowing for cheaper services and products;
  • Synergy  The main task of the Zonto platform is to incorporate a win-win strategy in all aspects of user interactions by implementing tools aimed at their mutual benefit;
  • Openness and innovativeness  Zonto strives to create an open community brought together by mutual interests and kept together by fair rules. Zonto’s openness can be viewed through their API interface and the blockchain itself.

Let’s take a look at the project’s modules and services: 

  • Social Network (Beta, available for registration and usage)  This is the communication tool for the newly- formed Zonto ecosystem; 
  • Zonto Coins (Beta, available for usage, amount of emissions still at the stage of balancing)  This is the centralized internal currency of the Zonto ecosystem. Emissions of the coins are processed within specific accounts. After they complete their registration, users will be awarded free Zonto coins. They are also provided on a daily basis after user authorization. Actions like posting, liking or creating a group will all cost a certain amount of Zonto Coins. Coins also serve to boost Zonto’s security against spam-bots and can be transferred between users through likes. Business users can receive Zonto Coins from different users and utilize them to pay for advertising within the Zonto ecosystem. The value of 1000 Zonto is approx. 1 EUR;
  • Zonto Messenger (Beta) – This is the incorporated messenger for C2C, B2B, and B2C communication;
  • Electronic Wallet (Beta) – With the API incorporated into Zonto, the wallets of the AdvCash payment system now have the ability to issue prepaid and virtual cards from MasterCard. Your AdvCash wallet is automatically registered and provides a numerous set of operations from both Zonto apps and AdvCash user account;   
  • Cash Transfers (Beta) – This allows for free instant money transfers between Zonto wallets;
  • API Integration Module for Financial Institutions (Beta)  Zonto is one of the first companies to implement the EU PSD2 and adopt the open API ideology; 
  • Zonto Merchant (Long-Term)  This tool is designed to receive fiat money (card, electronic wallets) and cryptocurrency in any business (including offline);
  • Zonto Pay (Long-Term)  These are the tools for payments within electronic money and cryptocurrencies;
  • Zonto Discount Loyalty Program (Short-Term)  Zonto loyalty program is aimed at businesses, allowing them to utilize various marketing tools and channels for client feedback and giving them the opportunity to implement targeted offers and digital advertising. In return, the business gives its products/services at a discount to all Zonto users. Every business starter connected to Zonto will receive this tool for free, so the users can receive discounts across the entire network of their partners;
  • Zonto Cashback Loyalty Program (Short-Term)  The cashback system denotes a partial return of the payment made in the name of a specific purchase. The return is made directly to your electronic Zonto wallet;
  • Freelance Platform (Short-Term)  This platform will allow Zonto users to order services and choose adequate performers close to them;
  • Rent of Real Estate (Short-Term)  This tool will allow Zonto users to evade any intermediaries and commissions when offering or searching for an apartment;
  • Search of Job/Employees (Short-Term)  The tool is designed to help users find jobs/employees quickly and communicate personally through the app; 
  • “Nearby” Module (Beta) – This is Zonto’s mapping service similar to Google Maps that allows you to receive all the necessary info about certain Zonto offers and facilities within easy reach; 
  • Zonto Offer (Short-Term) – The universal tool for business promotion revolving around targeted offers for Zonto users, including coupons, promotions, happy hours, gift cards, cashback, discounts, agents reward system, and so on;
  • Zonto CRM (Short-Term)  This is a CRM system integrated with profiles of all the members of Zonto social network; 
  • Zonto Client Link (Short-Term) – This is an intricate feedback system for potential and existing customers; 
  • Zonto Push (Short-Term) – This is Zonto’s targeted advertising service focusing on the most relevant audiences; 
  • Zonto Advertisement (Short-Term) – This is a native advertising tool for the app and the social network;
  • Zonto e-Commerce (Long-Term)  This e-commerce platform is designed to promote the goods of small/medium businesses; 
  • Zonto Business Agent (Short-Term)  The modified CPA will allow business users to expand their set of marketing tools and build an effective and rewarding system for interested advertising agents both offline and on the Internet;
  • Zonto Feedback (Short-Term) – This is a tool for creating public assessments of certain services or products;
  • Zonto Charity (Long-Term)  This module offers the possibility of raising funds quickly and directly, without charity funds; 
  • Zonto Legal Music Radio (Long-Term)  Zonto offers its users the possibility to listen to new free music of their interest. Business users will have the opportunity to launch their own radios spread across all of their business departments;
  • Zonto Delivery (Project) – This allows for quick food delivery in large regions and cities; 
  • Zonto Taxi (Project) – This is Zonto’s taxi service.

Once the platform is off the ground and builds a sizeable pool of members, new modules will be incorporated following this algorithm: 

  • Creation of the group on the Zonto social network presenting the idea for a new service;
  • Discussing the proposition with the community; 
  • Voting;
  • Implementation.  

Why Choose Zonto

Here are some of the reasons both private users and businesses should pay attention to Zonto: 

  • Integrated social network 
  • An abundance of useful modules 
  • Simple to use and available for all users across the world 
  • Discover discounts and promotions 
  • Sorting function according to proximity to the user 
  • Embedded Zonto wallet 
  • Support for EU PSD2 integration 
  • Easy money transfer within the platform 
  • Loyalty card 
  • Private services 
  • Gaining new customers 
  • Quick delivery of special offers 
  • Client feedback tools 
  • Widespread advertising opportunities 
  • Push notifications 
  • Direct communication with clients 
  • Online appointments  

ICO Details

Zonto token distribution started on August 14th, 2017 at 07:00 UTC. 2,000,000 tokens will be distributed according to this schedule: 

  • Pre-ICO  200,000 tokens will be distributed; the price of 1 token will be 2$; the pre-ICO will end on August 28th, 2017 at 07:00 UTC. 
  • ICO  1,800,000 tokens will be distributed; the price of 1 token will be 5$; distribution will go on for 30 days and shouldn’t start later than 30 days after the pre-ICO is closed.

The ICO bonuses go as follows: 

  • 1st day – 25% 
  • Days 2-7 – 20% 
  • Days 8-15 – 10% 
  • Days 15-20 – 5% 
  • Days 20-30 – 0% 

Here’s the overall token distribution: 

  • ICO purchasers – The number of implemented tokens with all the bonuses;
  • Developers – 10% of the implemented tokens and bonuses; 
  • Bounty campaign – 5% of the implemented tokens and bonuses. 

5% of the implemented tokens will be distributed as bounty rewards to members who demonstrated the highest amount of support during the ICO. Here’s the bounty rewards outline: 

  • Facebook – 20% 
  • Twitter – 20% 
  • Subscription on Bitcointalk – 20% 
  • Blogs and mass media – 25% 
  • Translation and moderation – 15%  
zonto offer details

Additional Resources

Zonto is an amalgamation of numerous products, services, technologies, and solutions segmented into different utility modules within the platform. All the modules collaborate with each other, creating a symbiotic relationship that provides numerous benefits to Zonto participants, whether they use it for purchases, business, communication or entertainment. The modules are incorporated within the Zonto social network,building an ecosystem of users with similar interests and providing them with easy communication and numerous mutually beneficial opportunities. Below is our list of additional resources, which will guide you further into the specifics of the Zonto platform:

  • This Zonto YouTube review serves as a quick introductory course to their visions and ideas.
  • Zonto YouTube channel will guide you through their ICO and introduce their platform even further.
  • You can also check out Zonto Facebook and Twitter accounts as they are among the best sources of information. They are kept regularly updated.
  • Zonto has its Telegram and Slack channels, which are also a great source of first-hand information. You can chat with other participants and view their perspectives as well.
  • Finally, you can take part in Zonto subreddit and give your opinion on the platform.

Bottom Line

As seen in our Zonto review, this is definitely a huge project looking to incorporate a lot of things under a single platform. It could even be too ambitious for its own good, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the ICO.  

They are advertising revolutionary technologies and tools for pretty much everything but we can’t help but wonder how revolutionary all this actually is. There are definitely some good modules within Zonto, but there are also some downright ridiculous fillers like Zonto radio, for example. The radio service is a perfect example of what we’re trying to say here: Zonto is a platform that brings minor conveniences. That being said, it is a good project, just not as new and “out there” as they’d like to make us believe.   

We hope this Zonto review put some things into perspective and gave you that final push toward either investing or steering clear of this ICO.  


  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use platform 
  • Numerous modules for private users and businesses 
  • Integrated social network 
  • Open for users all around the world 
  • Loyalty cards  
  • Embedded wallet 
  • Support for EU PSD2 integration 


  • Modest information on team members 

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Zonto Review
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