Best Cloud Mining Companies

The staggering rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies (especially Bitcoin) is slowly turning into quite the double-edged sword. Nowadays, when choosing the best cloud mining company, users aren’t asking themselves whether the services are any good but whether the company is legit or a scam.

Our team of highly-trained experts in all matters cryptocurrency has conducted a thorough research of the market in order to comprise the ultimate list of the best cloud mining platforms. Apart from the aforementioned “deal breaker” criterion, our essential ranking factors are compartmentalized within the carefully defined wide-scope groups of transparency, reliability, and profitability.

After an intricate researching endeavor performed by our team, we’ve managed to extract the final list to represent the best cloud mining companies on the market: is an independent website with monetization implemented through several affiliate programs, distributed by companies advertised on this site. Our website receives monetary compensation for presenting and ranking certain cryptocurrency-related products and services. The said compensation, our personal opinion, and the objective quality of the product/service will impact its final ranking. cannot and does not introduce every cryptocurrency cloud mining service, crypto exchange, trading bot, ICO, tax software or mining rig rental on the market. Close
Genesis Mining is one of the largest hashpower providers around, with over 500,000 clients around the world. Purchase a contract, mine Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash or Ethereum directly, and enjoy flexible hashpower allocation.
  • A highly transparent and reliable provider
  • Mining via GM Advanced Autotrader
  • GM offers a 100% uptime guarantee
  • Start mining instantly and get daily payouts
One of the best cloud mining companies, HashFlare lets you switch between mining pools until you find the most efficient combination. There are many plans to choose from, making it an ideal choice for beginners and experts alike.
  • State-of-the-art mining hardware
  • First payout within 24 hours of purchase
  • Make hashpower purchases via Reinvest
  • Added safety with 2-factor authentication
Hashing24 is a reseller company that provides you with access to some of the best data centers in the cloud mining industry. It works with BitFury and offers flexible plans for mining Bitcoin.
  • Purchase as much hashpower as you want
  • Customize plan to meet your needs
  • Daily payouts deposited to your account
  • High security with 2-step authentication
Eobot is the longest running cloud mining company on the market, which is the most important attribute in the realm of cryptocurrency mining. They started out with Bitcoin mining in 2013 and quickly expanded to 15+ cryptocurrencies.
  • Cheap 5-yrs and 24-hrs mining contracts
  • 800,000+ users with millions of API hits
  • Top-tier GH 4.0 Antminer S9 farms
  • Emergency "hack" wallet with 132 Bitcoins
ViaBTC provides cloud mining services for miners interested in mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. This China-based company also offers its very own exchange platform, facilitating all your cryptocurrency endeavors.
  • 3 cryptocurrency services in one company
  • Advanced s9 mining rig for best results
  • PPS+ and PPLNS payment methods
  • HTTPS protocol and 2-step authentication
Hashnest is a cloud mining service backed by the latest BitMain mining hardware. It is one of the most trustworthy services of this kind. It offers affordable contracts and great support and comes with no fixes or hidden fees.
  • Withdraw mined blocks the same day
  • Choose from 3 excellent payout methods
  • Get access to built-in BTC/LTC exchange
  • Low-price classic contracts and PACMiC
OXBTC is a hybrid-like undertaking, designed to incorporate cloud mining services with the Bitcoin deposit investment platform. This is definitely a rare sight on the market, with surprisingly low fees elevating the offer to unique.
  • 3 state-of-the-art mining farms in China
  • Multiple mining/deposit contracts offered
  • Daily compounded deposit interest rates
  • No min amount for deposit/withdrawal
USER RATING is a London-based cloud mining company founded in 2015. It offers several plans for mining Bitcoin and Ethereum, has two data centers, one in Italy and one in China, and provides numerous perks to its growing number of users.
  • Various algorithms for BTC and AltCoins
  • Trade BTC and USD by internal platform
  • Instant withdrawals whenever it suits you
  • Refer friends & get 3% from deposits
Coinomia is a cloud mining investment plan, combined with multi-level marketing and promises of high yield on the seed investment. Although a mining endeavor, Coinomia offers earning opportunities through several streams.
  • Multiple streams of earnings available
  • Cutting-edge ASIC Bitcoin mining farms
  • Present since 2014 with 4 mining centers
  • Projected daily profit potential - 65,610$
With NiceHash, sellers can offer their mining rigs and computing power whereas buyers get to choose from a long list of supported algorithms and mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and many other coins using the pool of their choice.
  • Buyers can place fixed / standard orders
  • Exceptional offer of algorithms and coins
  • PPS provides daily payouts for sellers
  • Buyers can cancel / tailor orders anytime

Choosing The Best Cloud Mining Companies

Further elaboration on the employed ranking criteria will provide a better insight into the process, but also guidance to better understanding how to choose the best cloud mining platform.

Transparency is our most important indicator to discern whether we’re dealing with a legitimate business or not. It includes not just the availability of corporate data and information about the inner workings of the platform, but also the quality of the overall communication with the customers.

Reliability could easily be rebranded into “performance” in the broadest sense of the term. We take into account the quality of the mining farms and of the integrated equipment, the processing speeds offered in the contracts, the stability of the payout deadline plan, and many other factors.

Profitability is the segment “closest to home” and it is heavily dependent on the performance-oriented one. The total price of cloud mining services is a relative term once we’ve taken processing power and modern equipment into account. Loosely speaking, this category abides by the formula of performance – fees (contract + MEF).

With our primary focal points enumerated, we can also shed some light on the secondary ranking factors, such as features. Although not a breaking point per se, a couple of well-rounded additional features like e.g. hack wallets, public audits, and real-time statuses can really add a final polish to the end product. Nobody enjoys trying to “unriddle” their cloud mining service UI instead of focusing their attention on monitoring Bitcoin exchange rates. Therefore the overall ease of use has to cater for both inexperienced users and the computer savvy ones.

You might jump to conclusion that we could assimilate security with reliability, but we still prefer to keep those two as separate instances. Security has a two-pronged meaning, the safety of your personal data and payment details, but also the protection level of the company’s hot wallets.

Is the company adjusting their mining farms to the current mining difficulty? Are they implementing frequent QOL and performance upgrades? Basically, the innovation history is a factor we use to determine how much the staff focuses on their enterprise and customers.

Experience and team quality also play a significant role in our listing process. Staying in the business of providing the best cloud mining services is very difficult (borderline impossible) unless you run a legitimate company. That’s why we pay close attention to the moment when a certain entity “entered the stage” and give priority to proven veterans.

Available contracts will influence your overall cloud mining experience and the extra benefits you’ll receive from the company. It’s very difficult to extract a general rule of thumb here since we’ve seen companies where going with an economical option is clearly better, but we’ve also witnessed opposite situations.

As you can see, choosing the best cloud mining company is based on a slew of different factors with a highly personal level of importance. Surely, our primary factors are nondebatable, but once we venture between all the different features, contracts, and popularity levels, you should make a personal imprint on your cryptocurrency mining undertaking. We hope our list of the best cloud mining companies, alongside the blueprint for its creation, provides a valuable insight into the art of decision making when it comes to choosing your future provider for pouring some shiny coins into your virtual wallet.