Best Ethereum Trading Bots

Cryptocurrencies are definitely here to stay! Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptocoins on the market, currently experiencing pricing ups and downs, similar to Bitcoin back in the day.

The best indicator of Ether’s current status is its increase of 2,320% at the beginning of 2017, followed by a considerable fall of 22% in July 2017. This is expected of promising virtual coins, which is why numerous high-rolling investors are deciding to keep their savings in this currency. Trading robots are systems devised to automate cryptocurrency transactions, making it easier to follow the trends and patterns on numerous exchanges.

Our dedicated team of cryptocurrency experts finalized this list of the best Ether trading bots after performing an extensive crypto research. Take a look at the systems that’ll definitely allow you to spend time away from the currency markets, the world economy, and financial news without fearing for your investments. is an independent website with monetization implemented through several affiliate programs, distributed by companies advertised on this site. Our website receives monetary compensation for presenting and ranking certain cryptocurrency-related products and services. The said compensation, our personal opinion, and the objective quality of the product/service will impact its final ranking. cannot and does not introduce every cryptocurrency cloud mining service, crypto exchange, trading bot, ICO, tax software or mining rig rental on the market. Close
HaasOnline is the only software incorporating user suggestions into its core trading algorithm. It is constantly evolving, regularly adding new indicators/exchanges. Although created in 2014, its name originated in the 1990s.
  • A rich diversity of automated traders
  • Backtesting of the trade bots available
  • More than 50 license-specific indicators
  • 3 licenses offered based on user expertise
Cryptotrader is an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform allowing for the full automation of your trading strategies via a built-in CoffeeScript-based programming language. All of the bots run 24/7 in a scalable VPS cloud.
  • No software/plugins installation required
  • No holding or accessing your traded assets
  • Strategy renting offered to bot developers
  • API keys don't have a withdraw permission
BTC Robot is the first auto-pilot cryptocurrency trading platform with 24/7 exchange rates monitoring and detailed charts of the recurring patterns. Its 3 preset modes will always identify the best moment to buy or sell.
  • The lowest entry deposit on the market
  • Elaborate one-of-a-kind trading algorithm
  • 3 operating packages available for purchase
  • 60-day guarantee and a nominal trial period
Launched in 2013, Margin Software is the name behind leonArdo, a fully automated blockchain trading interface, designed to support both decentralized and centralized exchanges. leonArdo also brings 2 automatic trading strategies.
  • Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Numerous major crypto exchanges supported
  • leonArdo can also run in a virtual machine
  • A free platform demo version available

How To Choose The Best Ethereum Trading Bots

Leaving your crypto trading endeavor safely in the “hands” of a preset algorithm requires a lot of information, especially if you’re unsure about the entire concept. Our team administered numerous criteria during the research process, so we’ll elaborate further on the most important things you’ll need to bear in mind if you decide to take this route.

Reliability is the first of our primary concerns, given the current number of elaborate scams in the world of cryptocurrencies as a whole. Here, we want to determine whether the company’s algorithm indeed does what they say it does or they’re just another Ponzi scheme spilling funds from one user’s pocket to the next. Backtesting would be the remedy in this case. You want to backtest the trading bot in a large variety of market conditions and on various cryptocurrency pairs. A good backtesting session will demonstrate how your trading bot of choice will act in situations of extreme volatility, but also how it handles important news, announcements, and so on. It will also indicate the potential risk-reward ratio, outlining maximum drawdown and possible wins and losses. Note that if your bot merchant frowns upon you conducting the backtesting yourself, their bots are almost always completely useless.

We pay special attention to transparency, meaning that we want to know who stands behind a certain company. On the other hand, we also want to be able to see the trading bot in action, which is only possible through live trading results. Robot sellers will often promise a 90-99% winning ratio, but they can base that number on simulated trading rather than real-time trading. Real-time trading must account for extreme market volatility and sheer chaos, so to say, while simulated trading operates under a strictly controlled set of parameters. The most important segment of real-time trading is liquidity, something simulations don’t even take into account. Simulated trading can also be easily manipulated in order to give the advantage to a certain trading bot. Only in a real-time trading “arena” can you really grasp the true scope of the said bot’s performance.

Profitability is why everybody enters the race in the first place, so making sure you have a dependable trading bot with a “winning” algorithm definitely merits a thorough investigation. The best test to be administered in this category regards the order size limitations. Namely, many of the popular trading bots perform wonders with a certain order size and go completely “berserk” once you change it. The robot should accrue similar profits whether the order is 0.5 or 500, so if its profitability drops significantly, we have ourselves quite the red flag.

Overall experience should be regarded as a collection of all our criteria combined. It’s definitely the most general and vague of the categories, but it provides a neat button-up service after all the other tests have already been finished. The overall results are then combined with the available user feedback, giving the best possible quality indicator.