Best Litecoin Cloud Mining Companies

With Litecoin recently hitting the all-time high of 56.03$, it is currently beating both Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of sheer scaling. The best news for potential Litecoin miners is that a sharp increase wasn’t followed by a quick retrace.

When it comes to Litecoin mining, the days of CPU/GPU home rigs are a thing of the past, as with pretty much all Scrypt-based cryptocurrencies that matter. You can either invest in modern ASIC hardware or simply choose the best Litecoin mining company for your needs.

Litecoin has been one of the soundest investment over the past couple of months, especially since all the major pools joined in order to activate the Segregated Witness. This also testifies as to the current unity of the network, making it an ideal package for some mining profits.

After an extensive research on the part of our professional team, we’ve comprised the ultimate list of the best Litecoin mining companies currently in the rac is an independent website with monetization implemented through several affiliate programs, distributed by companies advertised on this site. Our website receives monetary compensation for presenting and ranking certain cryptocurrency-related products and services. The said compensation, our personal opinion, and the objective quality of the product/service will impact its final ranking. cannot and does not introduce every cryptocurrency cloud mining service, crypto exchange, trading bot, ICO, tax software or mining rig rental on the market. Close
Since its launch in 2013, Genesis Mining has established itself as a leading entity in the volatile world of cryptocurrency mining. They offer a wide variety of Litecoin-based contracts with a caveat that they're frequently out of stock.
  • 3 LTC mining contracts + a custom plan
  • 24-month contracts, no maintenance fees
  • Mining farms in America, Europe, and Asia
  • Easy setup process and effective support
Eobot was founded in 2013 in California, USA, primarily as a Bitcoin mining service. Over the years, they've expanded their business model, covering all the relevant cryptocoins for over 590,000 users currently using their services.
  • 1.0 MH/s per 1.0 Scrypt cloud instance
  • 5-year and 24-hour rental lengths offered
  • Payouts in any displayed cryptocurrency
  • 132 Bitcoins in an emergency "hack wallet"
OXBTC is a hybrid company founded in 2016 by several renowned Chinese investors. It offers both BTC/LTC mining services and a BTC deposit investment platform. This makes it a highly unique and versatile player on the cryptocurrency market.
  • Dedicated solely to Litecoin and Bitcoin
  • LTC payments and withdrawal available
  • 3 mining farms with numerous nodes
  • Affordable maintenance and transaction fees
NiceHash is not a mining service per se; rather, they act as a middleman between people trying to sell and buy hashpower. They have been in the business since 2014, relinquishing the contract model in favor of the pay-as-you-go approach.
  • 23 different mining algorithms available
  • Constant and clear view of standing orders
  • High-quality servers in the USA & Europe
  • Standard and fixed orders offered

Choosing The Best Litecoin Cloud Mining Company

As you might already know, time is definitely not your friend if you have decided to get into Litecoin mining or any mining, for that matter. The key is not to expect an amazing ROI after all the expenses have been deducted from your mining gains. On the other hand, you can always hold on for the sharp pricing spikes, similar to the ones Bitcoin had. Bottom line, mining is one of the ways to get Litecoin, probably marginally better than buying them, but with much more hassle included.

Whether you’re just starting out or you have had your share of Litecoin mining experiences, we’ll use this opportunity to further explain the entire process behind choosing the best Litecoin mining companies currently on the market.

The transparency of the company is one of the most important aspects we explore, meaning we want to see all the relevant corporate data publicly available. This is but a single prong of our elaborate system to eliminate scams and Ponzi schemes.

Reliability is the criterion focusing on the overall performance of the company. The point is the company’s relation to their contractual obligations and their customers. Do they provide the promised hashpower? Are they respecting the promised payout deadlines? Are they keeping the promised uptime? Is the support staff doing an effective job? All these questions and more fall under the general reliability category.

Profitability is why your average Litecoin aficionado enters the mining arena in the first place. Your overall profits, however, will be very dependent on the company keeping its word (transparency, reliability), which is not something you’ll see too often in the world of crypto mining. According to the newest data, 99% of all mining services are scams of some sort, putting our ranking efforts into proper perspective. Some cryptocurrencies are more “minable” than others, with Litecoin being somewhere in the middle. Not ideal compared to Zcash, Monero or Ethereum, but definitely more miner-friendly than, let’s say, Bitcoin.

Ease of use is one of our secondary criteria aimed at making life easier for individuals just starting out with Litecoin mining. While we’re on the topic, Litecoin is definitely not the cryptocurrency you want to start out with, but if you’re dead set on it, we’ll help you as much as we can. A user-friendly UI can help not just beginners, but also seasoned veterans who know their way around cryptocurrency lingo and technology.

Popularity in cryptocurrencies translates to profits. This community is all about making money, not following the next big trend. So, if you see a company gaining in popularity, it means they’re doing something right to earn that following.

The security factor refers to the overall safety of your personal and transactional data, but also the company’s “fail-safe” in the case of potential hacking breaches. So, always be wary of the company’s privacy policy and the existence of special cold “hack” wallets.