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Just like any other method of generating passive income, mining cryptocurrencies is highly attractive to many. However, it can hardly be characterized as easy money. Building and maintaining your own mining rig come with great costs and require a lot of knowledge and dedication, which is why being a rig owner is not an option for many people interested in mining. Mining rig rentals can be a great solution for those who keep track of the trends in the cryptoworld and want to get into the business but do not possess the funds, knowledge or skills necessary for building a rig.

Finding a trustworthy mining rig rental service that can help you make a profit is far from easy, with many factors to be taken into consideration. After long and careful research, we believe that the following two services are the best mining rig rentals currently available. is an independent website with monetization implemented through several affiliate programs, distributed by companies advertised on this site. Our website receives monetary compensation for presenting and ranking certain cryptocurrency-related products and services. The said compensation, our personal opinion, and the objective quality of the product/service will impact its final ranking. cannot and does not introduce every cryptocurrency cloud mining service, crypto exchange, trading bot, ICO, tax software or mining rig rental on the market. Close
MiningRigRentals offers you a fast and easy way to rent and lease mining rigs. Register for free, choose your algorithm, pick a rig, and start mining right away or offer your own mining rigs for rent at the price that you determine.
  • Rental channels for all active algorithms
  • Enjoy instant rentals with BTC payments
  • Ultra-fast reaction times, 99.9% uptime
  • Lets you set as many as 5 backup pools
Zpool is a mining rig rental you can use to mine cryptocurrencies. It provides various algorithms, internal cryptocurrency exchange, and several other perks that can facilitate cryptocurrency mining.
  • Numerous algorithms for different coins
  • Reduced hashpower fees for some algos
  • Offers internal cryptocurrency exchange
  • Registration is not required for mining

Choosing The Best Mining Rig Rentals

It is a well-known fact that mining is no longer as profitable as it was several years ago. However, this does not mean that the right strategy cannot result in a solid income. In order to be able to implement your strategy, you need to choose a rental service that offers sufficient options. Here are the criteria we apply when selecting the best mining rig rentals in order to ensure that you get what you paid for and actually make a profit.

We normally do not look at the price first, but with mining rig rentals, it is one of the most important aspects of the service. Certain services charge fees that are too high and the prices of renting can be surprisingly steep as well. That is why we carefully examine the offer and make sure that the fees and the renting prices are not high enough to prevent you from making money.

It is also crucial to have more than enough choices when it comes to algorithms. Good mining rig rentals offer rental channels for nearly all or even all active algorithms, thus catering to the needs of every user. New cryptocurrencies surface all the time and there are more than 900 in existence at the moment. That is why it is extremely important for a mining rig rental service to keep up with the trends and constantly introduce new algorithms and make them available on time, allowing you to mine anything you wish and take advantage of the situation on the market.

Although rig owners usually get to set their own prices, they cannot go wild with their demands if there is a healthy competition. The mining rig rentals featured here offer you plenty of rigs to choose from, regardless of the algorithm you pick. That way, they make sure that you do not have to settle for a rental that is too pricy or does not meet your requirements in any way.

We always make sure that you get sufficient information prior to renting, so you can make an informed decision and avoid any unpleasant surprises once the mining begins. We only recommend the services that provide you with insight into actual hashrates, preferably with access to full hashrate history, along with live hashrate graphs for every individual rig. The services we feature always provide all of the other basic information, including the pricing, minimum and maximum rental hours, type, and region. We prefer services that help you make your decision by providing Rental Performance Index for every rig.

In the mining business, every millisecond counts. Apart from having high expectations from the service’s proxy system, including extremely fast reaction times and nearly 100% uptime, we also expect the performance of the pool to be maximally optimized. However, no pool runs as expected 100% of the time, which is why it is essential for the service to provide you with the possibility to set up multiple backup pools.

Finally, we evaluate the quality of the service provided on the part of the staff and determine whether sufficient efforts are made to ensure customer satisfaction. The best mining rig rentals offer excellent support to their clients and provide help promptly whenever needed. They take full responsibility in situations when the service provided fails to meet the expectations of the client and diverges from the terms agreed upon. In such cases, the best mining rig rental services provide precisely calculated refunds to the renters and what is also important, they provide them on time and without any unnecessary complications.

Editors Choice

MiningRigRentals Review

MiningRigRentals homepage

Mining Rig Rentals has been around for years and is widely recognized as one of the best services for renting and leasing mining rigs. Signing up for the service comes free of charge and the only costs of using the service come in the form of a small rental fee that is charged once you rent a rig. The whole process of renting is incredibly simple. You get to pick the algorithm of your preference, choose the mining rig that meets your requirements, and instantly rent it by paying with Bitcoin.

Mining Rig Rentals provides you with all the information you need in order to determine whether the rig you want to rent is the right choice for you. You get to view the price per MH per day, the hashrate, minimum and maximum rental hours, and the Rental Performance Index (RPI) that helps you find out whether the rig in question normally performs as expected. You can browse the rigs more quickly by filtering them by hashrate, type, price, RPI, and region.

You can choose from a variety of algorithms, currently including Sha256, Scrypt, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto(G), Dagger-Hashimoto(S), Equihash/zcash, QuBit, YeScrypt, Blake256-14-Rnd(S), Blake256-8-Rnd, Quark, LBRY, Lyra2RE, NeoScrypt, WhirlpoolX, X15, Groestl, M7M, Myriad-Groestl, Pluck, Scrypt-Jane, N-Scrypt, X13, Nist5, Sha3-Keccak, Blake2S, Iyra2Rev2, Sia, and X17.

Rig owners also get great perks, including the possibility to set the rental price for their rigs, change their rig’s pool wherever they are, enjoy great support, and collect their earnings at any time. They can also set an automatic payout amount. Both renters and rig owners get to set up to 5 backup pools. They also get to enjoy the benefits of 99.9% uptime and fast reaction times to their pools. Mining Rig Rentals provides carefully calculated and timely refunds to its clients.


Zpool Review

Zpool Homepage

Zpool is an affordable, easy-to-use mining rig rental service brought to you by the creators of It allows renters to choose between more than 20 algorithms and mine over 150 different coins.

The registration process is rather simple, as all you need to do is provide an email address and a password. The next step is creating a new Bitcoin deposit address to which your mined blocks and coins are transferred. If you already own a Bitcoin wallet or a wallet for some other minable cryptocurrency, you can easily link it to your account, which makes the whole process even faster.

Once your account is successfully created, you can start mining. You can rent hashpower from Zpool and use any of the available algorithms to mine from a third-party pool. The algorithms at your disposal include Scrypt, SHA-256, X11, Timetravel, Nist5, Blakecoi, and various other popular algorithms. Prior to renting, you get all the basic information including the hashrate and the current price.

With Zpool, you get automatic payouts every 12 hours for balances above 0.01. Balances over 0.001 are paid on Sundays. However, the first payout may take a bit longer, due to the time necessary for the coins to mature. The major advantages of Zpool service include the possibility to use multiple algorithms simultaneously, as well as low mining, rental, and exchange fees. Other benefits include the excellent PROP reward system that guarantees equal distribution of coins to all miners in a pool and great protection against DDoS.