Adviser Bot Review | UPDATED Nov. 2021

Adviser Bot is an innovative trading signal service designed to facilitate cryptocurrency trading. Although trading signal services have been present in the cryptocurrency business for a while now, this trading signal robot is brand new and can help you take your cryptocurrency transactions to the next level.

If you want to learn more about this affordable crypto trading signal service, continue reading our in-depth Adviser Bot review in order to find out whether Advise Bot is good enough to become your personal cryptocurrency trading assistant.

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How Adviser Bot Works

Adviser Bot was created in 2017 by Gabriel Mendes, a young developer who wanted to build a modern, easy-to-use platform that provides users with the latest market updates. It’s supported on almost any smartphone, but in order to use it, you need to download Telegram from your phone’s app store first.

Adviser Bot Homepage

After you create an account on Telegram, you have to search for PoloniexAdviserBot and then you’ll be presented with the current volumes of various cryptocurrencies without paying any fees. However, if you want to get trading signals, you’ll have to register and pay for using Adviser Bot. Since Adviser Bot was created in January 2017 and the website was launched in May 2017, it still doesn’t offer too many customer support options, but you can easily send its team a message via the website.


In order to access all Adviser Bot’s features, you need a key code from Telegram. After you receive it, you will start getting notifications about the changes on the market. Adviser Bot was designed to help you make a profit while trading fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. In order to accomplish that, it notifies you whenever there’s a significant change on the market, enabling you to buy or sell at the right moment.

Adviser Bot is programmed to send you currency alerts whenever a good trading opportunity arises. With this user-friendly app, you get clear, easy-to-follow instructions concerning recent cryptocurrency volume changes. It notifies you about the value of BTC, ETC, and other cryptocurrencies, so you don’t have to additionally check the prices. However, just like with any other trading signal service, it’s highly recommended to make your own analysis before buying or selling any crypto coins.

Adviserbot Features


As we’ve previously mentioned in this Adviser Bot review, this is a young trading signal service, which also means it’s among the most affordable services currently available. If you’d like to try Adviser Bot before subscribing, you can get a 1-day trial version for only 0.002 BTC. There are 3 longer subscription plans. You can choose between 10-day, 30-day, and 180-day subscriptions.

If you opt for the 10-day plan, you’ll have to pay 0.006 BTC. The monthly subscription costs 0.012 BTC whereas the 180-day subscription costs 0.06 BTC. If you want to receive your key code as soon as possible, you can create an account and immediately receive the payment address. Alternatively, you can choose to pay for your subscription via CoinPayments.

Bottom Line

This Adviser Bot review has shown that Adviser Bot is a more-than-decent service despite being on the market for just a couple of months. It has everything you need to improve your cryptocurrency trading. It uses different analyzing methods to provide you with the latest, most reliable information about volume changes and it also alerts you whenever a potentially profitable pump occurs.


  • Latest cryptocurrency updates from Poloniex
  • User-friendly design
  • Around the clock currency alerts
  • Reasonable prices


  • Poorly designed website
  • Low-quality customer support
  • No free trial

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Daniel Potter, on 06/04/2017
    Good one, especially for a new service. It’s so convenient that I can use it on my phone, I can basically buy and sell coins whenever I want.
  • Submitted By Josh White, on 04/04/2017
    Almost useless. I’ve received like 10 alerts in 2 days and not a single one was good. It’s cheaper than other, though so I’ll give it another shot.
  • Submitted By Serena Carter, on 02/24/2017
    Not bad, but I’m not impressed either. I managed to make a single purchase in the past 2 months, and I made about 0.005 btc, or nothing, almost…
  • Submitted By Kevin Gareth, on 12/16/2016
    Good job, bro! You’ve made a legit platform and info’s real and usable in most cases. I do my analyses ofc, but it’s almost that good that I can rely on your alert only.


Adviser Bot Review
Updated : 2021-11-24
Rating : 7.1/10