Altcoin Trader Review | UPDATED Oct. 2021

Altcoin Trader is a trading signal service that provides early entry signals for profitable trades on Poloniex. The company promises to help you maximize your profit by showing you a good entry point and the predicted profit zone, saving you both time and effort on reading the charts. The market predictions are exclusively based on chart analyses, without any regard to the potentially misleading news and announcements.

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By subscribing to Altcoin Trader services, you gain access to the signals via Telegram Messenger App. You receive an invitation to the Altcoin Trader private channel where signals, updates, and warnings are shared. The channel also allows you to chat directly with Altcoin Trader staff and receive more valuable information.

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Altcoin Trader exclusively focuses on trades that can bring a profit of 50% or more. According to the company’s data, its market prediction success rate is around 80%. In case there are developments on the market that do not match the company’s predictions, you receive exit point recommendations that allow you to minimize potential losses.

As far as subscription options are concerned, you can opt for the lifetime membership and pay the one-time fee that amounts to 0.2 BTC. If you want to try out the service first, you can purchase the one-week trial for 0.05 BTC and only pay the remaining 0.15 BTC if you are satisfied with the service and wish to continue receiving signals. If you refer a friend who ends up purchasing the lifetime membership, you get 0.05 BTC.


We would like to emphasize once again that trading based on the signals received from Altcoin Trader is not risk-free and there is no guarantee that you will never suffer any losses. You also have full freedom to choose whether or not you wish to act on the signals. However, we have to say that while researching for this Altcoin Trader review, we have encountered many positive responses from Altcoin Trader members and confirmations of the aforementioned high success rate, proving that this service is definitely worth considering.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Tim Richards on 06/08/2017
    Great signals, great guy, chatted with him on the channel, a true expert in the business.

  • Submitted By Ron Samuels on 05/15/2017
    Not as profitable as I hoped, but still making profit. Good job overall.

  • Submitted By Linda Adams on 03/22/2017
    Never been a big believer in TA and this hasn’t changed even though some signals were real good.


Altcoin Trader Review
Updated : 2021-10-13
Rating : 7.4/10