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With the value of Bitcoin reaching almost 3k dollars in June 2017, one could reasonably assume that the investment appeal regarding this cryptocurrency definitely remembers some better days. Cloud mining is also suffering due to the high influx of cutting-edge ASIC miners and the ever-increasing mining difficulty. So, this BTC Robot review focuses on the potentially lucrative alternatives to those endeavors.

One of the solutions lies in trading cryptocurrency rather than mining it. Automated trading robots are designed to help you hold your own in crypto exchanges, even without previous stock trading or Forex experience.

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About The Company

BTC Robot claims it is the world’s first automated Bitcoin trading solution. Its engine trades cryptocurrency on options platforms, seeking advantages through directional changes. Note that the creators of BTC Robot implemented Bitstamp a while ago, replacing the old trading strategy reliant on data from MtGox. Circumventing the MtGox liquidation proceedings made the software both profitable and fully functional on the likes of BTC-E crypto exchange.

The system has been operating for more than 2 years now, but it’s currently being relaunched due to Bitcoin performing exceptionally and accruing higher value as a traded commodity. The creators of the platform are as cryptic as it gets, providing no information on themselves or their developer team. So, we don’t effectively know who really stands behind “Stefan H + Mike S.” BTC Robot’s Twitter page names Australia as their official location, which concludes the sparse list of information we have at our disposal.

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How BTC Robot Works

As mentioned in this BTC Robot review, BTC Robot is an automated trading software capable of executing trades on auto-pilot, without any human intervention. It can operate 24/7, constantly examining market prices. This enables it to exploit potential gaps via hedging techniques, capitalizing on substantial daily fluctuations, especially on weekends.

Automated trading solutions usually rely on a specific market indicator (EMA, for example) in order to pinpoint the perfect moment for optimal profit generation. BTC Robot, on the other hand, employs a different approach. It examines the current prices in contrast to each other and compares them to the ongoing exchange rate at BTC-e.

Its ultimate decision to buy or sell at a certain “breaking point” is influenced by 3 interchangeable preset modes:

  • Conservative – Rmin = 0.09; Rmax = 0.12; R step = 0.01
  • Medium – Rmin = -0.01; Rmax = 0.11; R step = 0.012
  • Aggressive – Rmin = -0.01; Rmax = 0.11; R step – 0.02

Here are the highlights of BTC Robot:

  • Its algorithm performs automatic pattern charting for Bitcoin markets;
  • It checks and calculates market indicators for a potential breakout;
  • It also calculates market depth;
  • The followed market trends enable it to determine the optimal time to buy or sell. It also monitors the activity of other users, holding out for potential market rallies and falls;
  • The programming aims at the highest profit and the lowest loss possible;
  • The implemented “loss-cutting” function is in charge of rectifying any potential trading error;
  • The system is perfectly capable of running 24/7.

Now that we understand the basic principles behind BTC Robot, let’s see the required steps to actually put it to work:

btcrobot how work
  • Download The prerequisite to utilizing BTC Robot is, naturally, creating an account with the Bitcoin trading exchange of your choice. You’ll also need to deposit a seed amount of at least 100$, which is a true breath of fresh air, taking the usual 250$ norm into account.
  • Install After the initial step, you can simply activate BTC Robot and let it do your trades for you. You’ll just need to set the permissions through your unique API key and set up a key number and a password. You can choose between the pre-installed VPS version or the Windows version. The VPS iteration rids you of complicated configurations, as it comes fully pre-installed within your personal browser-based members’ area.
  • Withdraw your profits  We believe this step doesn’t require further elaboration.

Supported Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Plans & Pricing

BTC Robot offers 3 different possibilities, each with a 60-day user satisfaction guarantee:

  • Silver Plan (149$) This is a one-time license fee, without any additional monthly charges. This option is best suited for users who prefer to do their trading from their own computer.
  • Gold Plan (248$) This plan is a one-time payment for a 1-year membership, without any additional monthly fees. The package also includes a VPS, expedited ticket support, and a year of premium trade hosting.
  • Platinum Plan (498$) The package includes a lifetime membership with 3 years of VPS cloud hosting, expedited ticket support, and personal 1-on-1 support.

Tip: With VPS cloud service, you don’t have to turn your computer on in order for BTC Robot to operate.  

btcrobot box

If you can’t afford to pay for the desired package all at once, there are payment plans available. It’s important to note that BTC Robot is not easy to transfer from one device to another. This applies to the situations when you opt for the Windows version rather than the VPS cloud pre-installed iteration. So, do not install it on laptops or similar devices for a quick test. If you do, you’ll have to contact user support in order to transfer it to its dedicated “end-device.”

Privacy & Security

The privacy policy of the enterprise standing behind BTC Robot pledges to protect the confidential personal information and keep it private at all times. This means that they won’t disclose any non-public information about their customers, except as permitted or required by law. BTC Robot also won’t sell personal information to non-affiliated companies.

Bottom Line

It’s very difficult to end this BTC Robot review by definitively answering whether BTC Robot is a scam of some sort or not. The typical signs of fraud just aren’t there, but there’s enough to make us somewhat suspicious. We’ve received numerous reports, however, showcasing examples where users indeed made money off of it, but no large amounts were ever brought up in the context.

BTC Robot and automated traders, in general, are made for people who’d like to raise the inherent gamble factor of cryptocurrencies to a new level by entrusting their trading strategy to a pre-programmed computer algorithm. This has its pros and cons to be sure, but at around 250$ total, the breakeven point is easily achievable, making it not that much of a gamble to begin with.


  • Low seed deposit (100$)
  • BTC Robot monitors the market 24/7 for perfect trading opportunities
  • Elaborate trading algorithm
  • Several preset trading modes
  • Easy to install and set up
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Several packages and payment plans available


  • Limited number of potential customers
  • Cryptic development team
  • No “real” trial version
  • Only one recommended exchange

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Donald Jones on 06/10/2017
    Pretty simple to set up and it does all on its own, so no complaints here.
  • Submitted By Jeffrey Lee on 06/03/2017
    All works as it should basically but I expected way more profit out of it.
  • Submitted By Linda Martin on 05/24/2017 
    I barely got into the whole bitcoin gig, and the first glance over the exchanges froze me in my seat. This little guy does all the work for me, and it slowly peddles along, netting me pretty penny for my troubles
  • Submitted By Peter Perez on 05/18/2017
    It’s an ok trading robot but I’d really like to see some free trial period instead of giving me a money back guarantee after I’ve already spent the money on something I might not like in the first place. Cheap move imo


BTC Robot Review
Updated : 2021-11-24
Rating : 8.8/10