CryptoPing Review | UPDATED Oct. 2021

CryptoPing is an alternative cryptocurrency intelligence bot that is just being introduced to the market. Its ICO ended on June 24, 2017, with 9,000,000 PING tokens sold and 1000 BTC raised. Although there are many milestones and upgrades ahead, CryptoPing beta is already available and fully-functional. Keep reading this CryptoPing review to find out what this new trading signal service has in store for you.

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How CryptoPing Works

By signing up to CryptoPing, you get the chance to receive trading signals via Telegram. No personal information is required to sign up. The service is designed for experienced users and the signals you receive are exclusively those related to unusual market activity. The signal messages users receive include coin ticker, link to the exchange that produced the signal, trading volume difference for the last hour, change to the coin rate to BTC, the amount of signals for the coin for the last 7 days, and coin market capitalization value in USD.

CryptoPing bot is not a trading bot and its only role is to notify you about the increasing demand on a particular market. Sell/buy signals are not available yet and you are the one in charge of making decisions based on the signals you receive.

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The bot is designed to send signals based on volume spikes, price changes, current trends, and a number of other factors. The main goal of the bot’s activity is to help you maximize your profits by immediately notifying you about pumps and warning you about future price drops.

CryptoPing has numerous plans for future development, including new signals. Currently, there is no signal notifying you about a dump happening, which is the signal type most frequently requested by users. This signal, along with others, will be introduced in the near future. Another aspect of the service to look forward to is the Social Trading platform, particularly designed for experienced traders who will be able to follow signals and copy trades of other users.

Currently, only Poloniex, Bittrex, and Cryptopia exchanges are available. New exchanges should become available in the future, but at the moment, the CryptoPing team is primarily focused on working on the bot’s algorithms. Still, keeping in mind that these are the most important exchanges and that you get signals about all cryptocurrencies available, it is understandable that the team is in no rush to introduce any new exchanges just now.


CryptoPing featured

CryptoPing offers a wide variety of features to its subscribers. To begin with, all subscribed users get to receive signals immediately, as soon a change in the market is spotted by the bot and the situation observed is confirmed. There should be no significant delays between real market changes and signals.

Subscribers also receive an abundance of information in the signals, including social media mentions, closest buy/sell walls, and changes in trade frequency. They can filter coins by market cap threshold, exchanges, and other criteria and add them to whitelists and blacklists.

CryptoPing allows its users to enjoy the benefits of signal sensitivity and signal frequency personalization. Signal analytics are available on the dashboard, including the history of signals and price performance for all cryptocurrencies.

CryptoPing subscribers also get early access to new signals that are going to be introduced in the future. They are granted exclusive access to the upcoming Social Trading platform that we have mentioned before in this CryptoPing review and may get even more valuable information from other users, possibly even sell/buy signals.


The CryptoPing team has decided to make CryptoPing services available both for free and with a subscription. There is only one subscription plan with full access to all of the features we have mentioned above. The price of the subscription is 0.01 BTC in PING per month. However, in case of any drastic changes in the price of BTC, the price may be altered accordingly.

The free tier is available to everyone who wants to test the service, but it comes with numerous limitations. Free users receive signals only after they are delivered to the paying users. They only have access to the basic information in the Signal Analytics section of the dashboard, without any historical data. No additional features available with the subscription are available for free.

Bottom Line

CryptoPing is a new and innovative trading signal service that’s definitely got a lot of potentials. The absence of sell/buy signals may be a deal-breaker for some traders, but in a way, this fact makes us strangely excited and optimistic. It is one of the rare trading signal services designed by experienced traders for experienced traders and it is a service that promises to bring experienced traders together. The free tier is a good idea and a great opportunity for users to try out the service. The price of the subscription is rather reasonable. We are looking forward to the introduction of new signals and features and we have a good feeling about the future of CryptoPing. If you are an experienced trader yourself, be sure to give it a look.


  • Get signals for all cryptocurrencies available
  • A variety of excellent features available with the subscription
  • Upcoming Social Trading platform for interaction between experienced users
  • Free tier available for users who want to test the service
  • More useful features coming in the future


  • No buy/sell signals
  • Only 3 exchanges available at the moment
  • For experienced traders only

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Felicity Forbes on 06/18/2017

    Gave it a try, definitely not for me. Not saying it’s bad, I just didn’t know what to do with the signals, guess it really is for pros only.

  • Submitted By Dan Rowland on 04/30/2017

    Looking forward to the Social Trading platform, think it’s gonna be incredible!

  • Submitted By Oliver Atkins on 04/08/2017

    Good so far but waiting to see what new signals they’ve been working on.

  • Submitted By Roger Wilde on 02/19/2017

    Social Trading platform is an amazing idea and I have really high hopes about CryptoPing bot’s future. Can’t wait for the service to go public!

  • Submitted By Gordon Attwood on 02/05/2017

    Fueled by good ideas, hope it turns out as good as planned.



CryptoPing Review
Updated : 2021-10-13
Rating : 9.1/10