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Hashing24 is a Bitcoin mining platform providing its users with hashpower from their supplier of industrial mining equipment, BitFury. The company is centered on the idea of "leveling the playing field" for newcomers and professionals by offering the same quality resources to both groups.

Through cooperation with mining industry leaders and access to the most advanced and modern technologies, Hashing24 quickly rose to become one of the leading cloud mining services in the world. For complete company inner-works, just keep on scrolling through our in-depth Hahing24 review.

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About The Company

The team behind Hashing24 has been involved with cloud mining for the last 5 years. On the other hand, Hashing24 mining service was introduced in 2016. This is a common misconception, where people think the actual service dates from 2012, which isn’t the case. The company is based in Glasgow, UK. Besides its headquarters in Scotland, Hashing24 also has representative offices in Thailand and Ukraine.

BitFury has officially confirmed its relation with Hashing24, putting a stop to allegations of a potential scamming operation. To put things into perspective, BitFury is one of the world’s leading developers of blockchain-based software and mining hardware. It was the initial hashpower supplier for Hashing24, before its scope spread across numerous other companies.

Besides sporting premium mining equipment and software, Hashing24 also offers the following benefits:

  • Constant awareness of all the major players in the BTC mining space;
  • Monitoring and implementation of available technological innovations;
  • Most reputable and reliable partners with top-of-the-line data centers and equipment;
  • The partners offer warranties and are held accountable for any mining disruptions caused by their equipment;
  • New partners are constantly considered and vetted in order to provide better speeds, performance, and capacity.
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Supported Coins

How Hashing24 Works

Registration takes just a couple of minutes. You can choose to register using your email address or you can speed up the process and connect via your Facebook or Google+ account. With Hashing24, you can link your Bitcoin wallet with your account. If you don’t have one or would like a new wallet for coins mined with Hashing24, you can easily create one during registration.

After you register, you get to choose how much hashpower you’d like to purchase. The only strict condition is that you have to buy at least 100 GH/s.

As soon as your payment is processed, your contract becomes visible on your profile and your hashpower order is sent to BitFury mining data centers. Hashing24 offers you access to data centers in Iceland and Georgia, thanks to its cooperation with BitFury. Unfortunately, USA residents can’t access these data centers and aren’t allowed to use Hashing24 services for now.

Hashing24 how work

Mining begins automatically at 00:00 UTC. Payouts are scheduled at the end of each mining day. Newly mined Bitcoins are deposited directly to your account and available for withdrawal within 24 hours. This is one more confirmation piece that we are, indeed, talking about a legitimate mining operation. Ponzi schemes do not offer payouts in newly mined coins. This can be checked at all times on blockchain.info. You can request a withdrawal anytime you want and the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC.

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Hashing24 takes various measures to ensure the maximum security of its customers. During the registration process, you receive a PIN code which is necessary for its 2-step authentication process. Every customer has to go through the 2-step authentication unless they request for it to be disabled.

The company doesn’t put a cap on the maximum hashpower you can purchase and it also comes without an expiration date. Besides the actual hash, you’ll also be charged a corresponding maintenance fee, including costs of electricity, cooling systems, hosting services, and maintenance work.

The old relation between your hashpower and the amount of Bitcoin mined applies here as well. The more hashpower you buy, the more work you can put into uncovering the new block, ergo, you’ll receive more coins. All customers of Hashing24 get a 100% uptime guarantee, meaning you’ll never experience hardware crashes, slowdowns or complete breakages with their platform.

The company also offers the “reinvestment” feature, allowing you to buy extra hashing power with the coins you just mined. By hitting the reinvestment button, you’ll automatically place an order for the maximum contract volume allowed.

Finally, the company’s customer support is there to answer any of your questions related to the company’s service or help you solve problems with your account. You can reach them via email and Skype, submit a ticket or call one of the company offices directly.

Plans & Pricing

Buying hashrate from Hashing24 is very convenient, as you don’t have to sign up for a subscription plan. Instead, you can buy hashpower in the amount you need whenever you want.

Hashing24 prices

When buying hashpower, you have to pay for the hashrate and for the maintenance fee. The maintenance fee is 0.00033 USD per GH/s per day. It is automatically deducted from your mined BTC volume. Since it’s charged daily, the maintenance fee depends on the current USD/BTC exchange rate. We’re not very fond of this solution, as it can swing both ways, depending on the current state of the exchange rates. If your balance can’t cover the maintenance fee for three consecutive days, your mining service will be is stopped and your account will be canceled.

You can buy hashpower with a credit card, via OKPAY payment system or using bank wire transfer. If you opt for any of these payment methods, you can pay in USD or EUR. The price for 100 GH/s in fiat currencies is 19.95 USD or 17.95 EUR.

Every purchase of hashpower is a one-time payment. Hashing24 allows you to place several hashpower orders simultaneously.

Bottom Line

Hashing24 connects its customers with the top cloud mining companies, such as BitFury, for optimal mining results. Users gain access to BitFury data centers and can consequently mine Bitcoin with the newest ASIC chips. They offer flexible hashpower plans, which allows you to fully customize your orders and the entire mining operation.

On the other hand, you can only mine Bitcoin and the only hashpower supplier they mention on their site is BitFury. Additionally, the Hashing24 mining service is not available in the United States.

While definitely not the best in the business, Hashing24 does have its advantages and an intriguing and somewhat unique approach, which, combined with clear non-scam indicators definitely, brings a lot of merit to this relatively young cloud mining operation.


  • Flexible plans
  • 2-step authentication
  • Access to BitFury data centers
  • No hashpower cap
  • Daily payouts
  • 100% uptime guarantee


  • Isn’t available for USA residents
  • Mines BTC only

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Mat Ford, on 05/19/2017
    It’s very convenient and easy to use it. No plans, no extra costs, just hashing power and maintenance, but that’s expected.
  • Submitted By Jeremy Thomas, on 03/08/2017
    Fee is skyrocketing every now and then and I end up losing money instead of earning any! It’s easy to use it, though that’s the only good thing.
  • Submitted By Freddy Thornton, on 02/22/2017
    Not the greatest, but still I gained about 100$ which is better than to lose all of it. I hope I can mine more in the future.
  • Submitted By John Gerson, on 02/01/2017
    Quite good, I get about 40 euros a day approximately. Support is a bit slow, you could work on that.


Hashing24 Review
Updated : 2021-10-13
Rating : 9.3/10