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Hashnest is a hardware-backed cloud mining service known for great transparency and affordable contracts. It has been around for years and it is often described as one of the best and most trustworthy cloud mining services around. This Hashnest review is designed to offer a full view of the service’s offer.

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About The Company

Hashnest is brought to you by BitMain, one of the world’s top providers of mining equipment. It is located in China but has offices and representatives all around the world. It was introduced to the market in April 2014. Since then, it has managed to build a solid reputation and is now widely considered to be one of the safest choices in the cloud mining business.

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The company is known for constant innovations, including unique mining algorithms and high-tech BitMain technology and equipment, such as the latest, currently employed BitMain Antminer S9 with ASIC chip based on the 16nm process node, which delivers 0.098 J/GHs.

Apart from reliability, exquisite equipment, and the promise of high ROI, Hashnest also offers great security. It employs the latest encryption technology and offers high-level site security with SSL and data protection with 2-factor authentication.

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How Hashnest Works

In order to start using the Hashnest service, you need to create an account by providing an email and a password and you need to possess a wallet to which your mined blocks can be transferred. By registering, you can get a Hashnest wallet address. This part of the process is simple and requires only 2 minutes.

The next step is choosing the contract that best suits your needs and budget. You can choose between standard and PACMiC contracts (read more about them in the Plans & Pricing section of this Hashnest review). Once you have selected the desired hashpower, you pay for your contract. When the transaction is processed, your order is sent to the mining data centers. It is then that the mining begins, with guaranteed 100% uptime. By default, all miners are directed to Antpool, which is part of the BitMain corporation. Apart from Bitcoin, which was until recently the only option, you can now also mine Litecoin with AntL3.

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The company has a number of Bitcoin mining farms located in China and Iceland, most of which are not available for viewing for customer protection and security reasons. On the Hashnest website, you can view one farm located in Iceland and one in China. Hashnest prides itself in bringing you the world’s largest Bitcoin mining farm, built to support the Bitcoin Project.

As far as payouts are concerned, you can withdraw your blocks the same day they are mined. At the moment, Hashnest offers three payout options. You can choose to receive daily automatic payments or opt for the Profit Accumulation or the Reinvest option.

Hashnest allows for great ease of use with its highly functional and well-designed dashboard and its mobile apps that make account management much easier. Unlike some other cloud mining services, NashNest allows its users to view detailed information about every block mined. This kind of transparency is warmly welcomed by many experienced users.



From the Hashnest dashboard, users can control every aspect of their mining, including the selection between AntL3, AntS7, and the aforementioned Antminer S9. They also have access to the new built-in Hashnest BTC/LTC exchange. When in need of assistance, they can make use of the support ticketing system and access the Hashnest forum in a single click. Support is available to all users 24/7.

The multiple perks that come with using the Hashnest service include the absence of trade, maintenance, and any sort of fixed or hidden fees, low prices, and ROI within 2-3 months. Users get to enjoy instant connection, no time limits on their contracts, and daily payments made between 0.00 and 1.00 UK time. Possibly one of the greatest advantages of the Hashnest platform is the fact that it is backed by the latest, most advanced Bitcoin mining hardware provided by BitMain.

One of the fun perks of using Hashnest is the LuckyHash raffle. By purchasing a ticket, users get a chance to win a great prize – the 12500GHS AntminerS9 HashPower.

In the past, Hashnest was often criticized for the absence of a referral program. In order to satisfy its users’ demands, the company has recently introduced one such program that allows users to earn 10% on each of their referral’s purchased hashrate. Referred users also get 5% upon joining Hashnest.

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Plans & Pricing

Hashnest offers 4 standard contracts: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. All contracts last for a lifetime.

The price of the Silver contract ranges from $50 to $500 and comes with 300 GH/s to 3000 GH/s. The Silver contract guarantees 0.70% daily profit.

The Gold contract price ranges from $501 to $1000 and brings you 3006 GH/s to 6000 GH/s of hashpower. Daily profit with the Gold contract amounts to 0.75%.

The Platinum contract costs between 1001$ and 2000$ and brings you 6006 GH/s to 12000 GH/s of hashpower. With this contract, you get to enjoy 0.80% daily profit.

Finally, the price of the Diamond contract starts at $2001 and comes with no limits on your investment. It brings you at least 12006 GH/s and the hashpower increases depending on how much you invest in your contract. Daily profit with the Diamond contract amounts to 0.85%.

You can use the handy calculator located in the Pricing section of the Hashnest website to calculate your profit in relation to the amount you invest. Supported payment methods include Bitcoin, AdvCash, and OKPay.

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Hashnest also offers you the unique opportunity to opt for a Payout Accelerated Cloud Mining Contract (PACMiC), Hashnest’s new value-added cloud mining service product. A PACMiC costs 1 Bitcoin and brings you 6 terahash of hashing power. The mining rig maintenance is covered by BitMain and the revenue is distributed to PACMiC owners. The contract expires once the principal is paid back in full. The profit is calculated in the following manner: unpaid principal in Bitcoin * 0.45 satoshis per BTC per second * seconds needed to find a block.

Bottom Line

Finishing off this Hashnest review, we have to agree with numerous Hashnest users and say that this cloud mining service has long been one of the best choices for Bitcoin mining. Constantly improving, it now brings its users the benefits of 100% uptime, instant, automated payouts, built-in BTC/LTC exchange, the latest mining hardware, affordable contracts, PACMiC, and much more. However, it is surprising that it has so far only offered the possibility to mine Litecoin with AntL3, apart from its basic Bitcoin mining offer. This may make it unattractive to many users who primarily focus on mining other cryptocurrencies. We also believe that the concept of PACMiC may be too difficult for most users to understand. Still, if you are looking for a Bitcoin cloud mining solution, Hashnest is definitely one of the most affordable and reliable services around.


  • The latest Bitcoin mining hardware
  • Blocks available for withdrawal the same day they are mined
  • Three payout options including
  • Several affordable standard contracts
  • One unlimited contract for experienced users
  • Unique opportunity to get PACMiC
  • Built-in BTC/LTC exchange
  • Access to detailed mining information in real time
  • 24/7 support
  • 100% uptime


  • PACMiC contracts may be confusing for many users
  • You can mine just two cryptocurrencies

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Finn Lowe on 05/16/2017
    Love a service that listens to its users. Automated payouts, referral program, everything it was missing now available and works perfectly.
  • Submitted By Mark Robins on 06/05/2017
    Had some withdrawal issues, other than that, completely satisfied, earning quite a lot with LTC mining.
  • Submitted By Grant Smith on 06/12/2017
    Just recently found out that HashNest offers Litecoin mining, so far so good.
  • Submitted By Walter The Miner on 06/26/2017
    Have trouble deciding between HashNest and Genesis, began using HashNest for a month or so, love the info on the blocks, affordable, but not sure about the profitability so far.


Hashnest Review
Updated : 2021-10-13
Rating : 8.6/10