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TurtleBC is an investment system inspired by the Turtle Trading Strategy. It has just recently come up on our radar and we have decided to explore its potential. Although already functional, it is still under development, with a lot of testing and tweaking to be done. Join us as we find out whether it is worth your time in this TurtleBC review.

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How TurtleBC Works

TurtleBC is a trading signal service that is primarily designed for users interested in long-term investments. It relies on the main idea of the Turtle Trading strategy, which is buying once a market exceeds the highest price for a certain number of previous days and selling once the prices go lower than the lowest point reached in the previous several days.

This concept was developed with the aim of helping traders successfully overcome the problem of the Disposition effect. Quite often, investors tend to fall into the trap of selling shares with increased prices and keeping the ones whose values have dropped. Thus, they risk suffering undesired losses by missing big uptrends while sticking with shares that can go even lower in value.

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The role of TurtleBC is to allow you to recognize all big trends on time while avoiding the potential losses that come with selling before or after the optimal point. Basically, TurtleBC helps you keep in mind the larger picture and stick with a promising trend, even with some minor losses along the way, while making a lot more money in the end. It is important to note that the TurtleBC system diverges from the classic Turtle Trading Strategy in that it uses the closing price instead of the highest price.

Once you subscribe to TurtleBC services, you get signals the moment TurtleBC receives them, which is usually between 12 p.m. and 1 a.m. UTC. Although the signals are mostly for long-term investments, you do receive daily signals, 4-hour signals, and 30-minute signals for certain markets, with 30-minute signals for an increased number of markets coming soon.


In this section of our TurtleBC review, we shall take a look at the 3 main features of this service. First of all, you get buy/sell signals for all Poloniex BTC markets, with historical signals and profits and new signal notifications.

The second feature includes short selling/close short positions, also with historical signals and profits and new signal notifications. Nine coins with margin trading are supported, including ZEC, ETH, ETC, XMR, XRP, REP, LTC, FCT, and DASH.

The third feature is the new coin pump, with hourly signals supplied during the first 15 days upon the release of a new coin in the Poloinex markets. Historical signals and profits for GNT, PASC, ZEC, REP, ETC, LSK, and ETH are available.

You can also make use of the free tools offered by TurtleBC. These include buy market percentage, as well as the prices of a variety of cryptocurrencies in the years of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. These tools are available to anyone, without a subscription required.

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With TurtleBC, all new users get a free one-day trial, which allows them to test the service and stick with it if they are satisfied. However, we honestly believe that it would be in the best interest of both TurtleBC and its potential users if a longer trial was introduced, as we were personally not too convinced that purchasing a subscription would be a sound investment by the time our trial was over.

If you decide to give it a go, you can opt for the monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription costs $60, which currently amounts to around 0.025 BTC. The price of the yearly subscription is $600 or around 0.25 BTC at the moment. With the yearly subscription, you can also get one extra month and enjoy 13 months of subscription.

TurtleBC accepts BTC and updates the price of BTC every 30 minutes. Once your payment has been processed, your account is updated and you receive an email notification. If you experience any issues, you can contact the TurtleBC staff via email or by filling out the contact form available on the Contact US page of the website.

Bottom Line

Although TurtleBC seems promising and does not rely on empty claims that you can make a lot of money fast, it is still early to say whether it will live up to its potential and grow into a highly useful tool for both beginners and professional traders. We are quite satisfied with the way the service works at the moment and hope that with the improvements that are currently being introduced, it will justify the relatively high price of the subscriptions. We honestly recommend that you keep an eye on this new service, but hold off purchasing a subscription until it is fully functional. We will certainly track its development and post updates once it proves to be a completely safe and wise choice for both short-term and long-term investments.


  • Solid basic concept
  • Could help you make more money in the long run
  • Free tools
  • Free trial


  • Not fully developed
  • Too short trial period
  • A bit pricey

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Arnold Rosh on 05/14/2017
    Haven’t purchased a subscription yet, but based on the trial, it seems legit and I like the way these guys are thinking. Could be a good one.
  • Submitted By Liam Bolson on 04/22/2017
    Got the one-month subscription, good signals so far, we’ll see how it goes.
  • Submitted By Kim Lee on 02/03/2017
    Not sure what to think about this one, I think I’ll wait it out, too bad the trial is only good for 1 day.
  • Submitted By Anna Wilson on 01/24/2017
    The hell with it, just got my monthly subscription, I really think there’s something here. I’ve been impulsive with my sales more than once, seems these guys could help me turn things around.


TurtleBC Review
Updated : 2021-10-13
Rating : 8.8/10