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Whaletank is one of the finest entities on the crypto market for individuals looking to facilitate well-informed and high-quality trading utilizing mixed trading strategies, such as high-yield signals and long-term portfolios. The company boasts a professional team of analysts with ample experience in crypto trading, especially when it comes to volatility financial products.

The ultimate goal of the company is to help its customers create their personal financial freedom by using the opportunities offered by the crypto markets to their full potential. In order to do so, it provides its clients with the most accurate and profitable predictions and signals, also offering 24/7/365 guidance and support.

If you want to learn more about the company and its portfolio of services, we recommend reading our in-depth Whaletank review and start capitalizing on the crypto phenomenon today.

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How Whaletank Works

First of all, Whaletank doesn’t rely on “gut feelings” or market hype in its work but on qualitative and quantitative research. The team doesn’t base its predictions on hunches and never panics when the market starts acting irrationally. Every trading signal is based on a thorough analysis and hard-cold numbers, allowing users to make fantastic gains and high returns on their investments. The team works around the clock to provide its clients with the most up-to-date information and signals and follows the activity of numerous coins in order to identify solid investment opportunities. 

The company’s mission is quite straightforward, making its clients rich by creating a safe space in a confusing and highly volatile trading environment. Its recommendations rely on the security of long-term coins while seizing the opportunities made by short-term market swings. 

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The team has developed a set of proprietary technical analysis tools and methods, which enable them to predict market movements very accurately and offer high-impact advice with high success rates. Whaletank doesn’t rely on pump-and-dump methods in order to achieve quick profits for its customers. It takes the money of its clients very seriously and it views their successful investments as the best proof of its own success. 

You can start using Whaletank today by following a couple of simple steps:

  • Sign up – Simply sign up to the official website and gain access to some of the best crypto trading signals.
  • Pay – You can always purchase one of the premium Whaletank packages and get access to stronger trading signals and the HODL Portfolio.
  • Follow – Make sure you follow the signals/Portfolio regularly and use the opportunity to discuss all of this in a secret chat with other Whaletank members.
  • Gain – All that’s left for you is to gain profits by implementing the best crypto trading tactics and methods offered by Whaletank.]


Every professional portfolio is the sum of its moving parts, helping us differentiate between desirable business offers and their unattractive counterparts. In order to gauge the overall utility potential offered by Whaletank, we first have to shine some light on its most prominent features. Having said that, here are the highlights of this service:

  • Solid advice – Whaletank offers advice based on professional qualitative and quantitative research, not hunches.
  • High returns – The ultimate goal of the company is to make sure their clients are successful since the team recognizes the correlation between this and their own reputation.
  • Market fanatics – The team doesn’t let a single crypto movement slip under their radar.
  • Free channel – You can utilize professional signals and high expertise via Whaletank’s free and unlimited Telegram channel.
  • Community chat – Whaletank is the only company that makes an effort to facilitate knowledge sharing by staying in touch with its community.
  • Scope – The company covers an unprecedented amount of different crypto-related topics, including but not limited to all crypto coins and ICOs.
  • Always online – The aforementioned Telegram channel is available 24/7 in order to equip you with all the necessary knowledge.
  • Diversified – The team will teach you how to stay on top at any given time regardless of potential market fluctuations.
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Whaletank offers the following pricing plans:

  • Free – A lifetime of high-quality trading signals and recommendations absolutely free of charge
  • Gold (0.025 BTC) – two-month subscription
  • Platinum (0.050 BTC) – six-month subscription
  • Diamond (0.100 BTC) – 24-month subscription

Bottom Line

Whaletank is currently one of the best crypto signaling services out there allowing its users to make extraordinary returns on their investments based on solid recommendations and extensive research rather than hunches and hype. Its professional team of crypto aficionados is dedicated to examining the market on a daily basis and keeping their clients up-to-date at all times while protecting them from volatile investments and unpredictable swings. As such, we can only recommend Whaletank and its services whether you are just starting out with crypto trading or already have a couple of active years under your belt. We hope our Whaletank review familiarized you a bit with the platform and helped you make the right decision for your future investments.


  • Solid advice based on extensive research 
  • Possibility of high returns 
  • Extensive coverage of every crypto movement 
  • Free Telegram channel 
  • Community chat 
  • Variety of covered topics 
  • Availability 24/7/365 


  • None 

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Matt673 on 01/30/2018
    Great advice! Really saved my skin on more than one occasion.
  • Submitted By CryptoKing on 01/25/2018
    My gut usually doesn’t agree with whaletank but then again, my gut is usualy wrong and i basically still have a house thanks to their tips.
  • Submitted By Jack Berthram on 01/13/2018
    Really valuable tool for a crypto beginner like me. Def recommend.


Whaletank Review
Updated : 2021-10-13
Rating : 9.8/10